Our digital footprint

digital footprint


This news segment from Behind The News discusses how we each have a digital footprint. But what is a digital footprint.

BEFORE you watch the segment, do some quick research on what a digital footprint is. Include your definition in your comment.

Now you can watch the segment.

After you have watched the segment, what are your thoughts? What are you wondering?

What are your top ways to keep your digital footprint safe and healthy?

In your comment, include:

  • Your definition of a digital footprint
  • 2 facts from the video segment
  • What thoughts, ideas, wonderings you have, for example, do you think a digital footprint is a good thing to have?
  • Your ways to keep your digital footprint safe and healthy

Remember, what you post online goes out there forever! Make sure your comment is 10/10 before you hit publish!

Maths Thursday 27th

Hi you lot!


Today we are looking at what makes a good website, not just any website though, a good maths website.

Your task today is to research some good maths websites related to place value. You will need to research and investigate websites related to place value in maths. Post your websites in the comments section!

Here are 2 that I found earlier last week:

maths blog


You cannot use use these websites, because I already found them! You can comment on the blog about whether you think they are good websites or not…but you will need to find your own place value websites to add in your comment.

So? What does make a good maths website? Here are some questions to get you thinking.

Is the website easy to navigate?
Are there definite instructions for the game you are playing?
Does the website have up to date and relevant information about maths?
Is the website interesting and engaging?
Are the games easy to play? Are they too hard? Are they too easy?
Is the website too distracting?

Miss C, does the website have to be a games website?

NO! Of course not! If you find a good maths website with definitions and explanations about place value to help us, then you can use that website.

Post your website as a blog comment with your reasons as to why it is a good maths website for place value.
I look forward to seeing what websites you can discover! I will post the great websites under our maths page with your descriptions!

Good Luck!

(P.S, make sure you read up on how to write a good blog comment if you’re not sure about how to post! Remember, you can respond to one another!)

Ongoing Homework Tasks

Yikes! On going homework? Yes!

Just because I don’t ‘set’ you ‘official’ homework every night, doesn’t mean there is nothing for you to do. There is always something to do!

You are required to find 3 half hour sessions each week for homework!

Your homework sessions are over and above the reading that you should be doing each week!
You should be reading at least 5 times a week for 30mins.
Don’t forget that you should be recording your reading in your diary.

The following is a list of tasks you could be doing during your homework sessions.
Make sure you also use the homework pages on the blog.

Tables Practice
Exploring the class blog and leaving comments
Writing tasks that are incomplete
Maths sheets from your folder: this consolidates what you have learnt in class
Research for the current topic for example multiculturalism and immigration
Mathletics and other maths websites on the blog
Other links that are on the class blogs (Don’t forget to look at OTHER year levels blogs)




Some helpful blog info

Hi everybody,

Thanks to those of you who have posted blog comments on my posts! I love reading your thoughts on my posts.

Here are some reminders about how to write a good blog comment:

Write your comment like a letter by including a greeting, content and a closing.

ALWAYS use correct punctuation, grammar and spelling.

Compliment the writer in a specific way, ask a question or add new information.

Write a relevant comment that is related to the post.

Do not reveal any personal information about yourself in your comment.

Always read over your comment and edit before clicking publish!

So, some congratulations are in order…

Click here to get more Congratulation Greetings from MasterGreetings.com

Firstly, to our newly elected Junior School Council representatives.
Chloe and Reese 

Chloe and Reese both gave wonderful speeches to our class today and gave wonderful reasons for their class to elect them! And the class obviously liked what they heard.
I’d like to extend my congratulations to the other candidates for JSC as well:
Callum, Nelson, Amy, Jess, Hailee and Tyra.
Congratulations also to our student of the week winners from last week and the week before:
Frances, Zak, Hunter and Daniel. 

Real Life Rounding!

You have been invited to a weekend away camping… 

Task: You have been invited to spend a weekend away camping with a group of friends. You and your friend need to purchase a number of essential camping items. You are limited to 12 items at Rays and a budget of     $1 600.


You will need Ray’s Outdoors to do this. 

You will also need to purchase food for your weekend away. You are limited to a budget of $400 to do this .

You will spend your money at a Woolworths supermarket



To record your spending, you will need to create a table on Excel so that you can show the following…For example…

You will need to total your spending to prove you were able to meet your budget.



If time allows…you can search an appropriate camp site…300 kilometers from New Gisborne. ( HINT: use Google maps Get Directions). You would need to search caravan parks and work out the site fees for 2 nights. (powered of course). Record this in a table as well. HAPPY CAMPING!!!

Maths- Place Value

Hi guys,

We all know that in maths at the moment we’re looking at place value.

We have looked at reading large numbers. We have looked at rounding. We have looked at writing large numbers. We have looked at adding or subtracting 10, 100, 1000 from numbers.

And we’ve been surprised at what we have learnt, re-learnt and remembered.

Here’s two little game websites to help you.



AAA Math. A very practical website with different games for writing numbers, identifying values of digits and rounding.



Math Play. This one has some decimals games, try not to get too caught up in these just yet, we haven’t introduced decimals yet. But, there are some fun games on here, including a pirate one! Kinda fun!


What did you think of these games? Too easy, too hard, fun, boring? Why did you think that?


And for the Mums Dads, Grandparents and Uncle Bertie, here’s us, learning all about place value using the 6 card game! Can you explain to your Mum, Dad, brother, sister, Nan, Pop…. how to play this game?


From All The Lands On Earth We Come

So! This is our inquiry unit for the term. And I am so looking forward to getting into it. There are so many different angles, activities, discussion that we can have!

Here’s the song that we took the inquiry title from. The picture will open a link to the whole song and a link to YouTube so you can sing along too! Mums and Dads, this might be an interesting table topic to have with your kids.


So, if you’re after some conversation starters, maybe you could look at the WHO, WHERE FROM, WHEN, HOW and WHY of your family’s immigration history.
You could also try looking at some of these ‘Hot topic’ words, remembering of course, that where ever the conversation drifts to, we are always very respectful of others, regardless of whether we agree, disagree or are neutral on the topic.

‘Hot Topic’ words to try out for convos:
Asylum Seeker
Free Settlers
Human rights

These words are in the news and all around us every day. They will also be frequently used and discussed throughout our unit. These words are often misunderstood and misused, so it would be helpful if you could chat about these words, so that you are at least familiar with them when we come across them in our unit.

Grade 5C, what do you think about these words? What do they mean to you? Have you heard them before? Post your responses in the comments section.

A link for Mums and Dads, Grandparents and Aunty Mertyls.

Talking about Multiculturalism




A helpful link with some ‘pointers’ on how to tackle talking about these broad topics with your kiddies.

A word about homework.

Hi Everyone,

This is a little ‘house keeping’ post about homework, and my apologies, I should have posted this one on Friday night.

Homework this week for students in 5C is due on Wednesday 19th and includes:

*create a front cover for their writer’s notebook.
*writers notebooks were given out on Friday afternoon. ALL students have one.
* The writers notebook cover MUST include:
*Name and title.
* picture seeds and word seeds (these are inspiring and interesting pictures and words that will encourage the                                                   students to write).
*They can include 1 photograph if they like.
*The pictures, images, words MUST NOT come from the internet, but rather from magazines, newspapers,                                                      catalogs. This is designed to be a non net-book task. The images will be put together on the front cover to make                                          a collage.

Their writers notebook and the images they have chosen to put on the front cover will be used in an activity on Wednesday, so it is very important that they complete this homework, so they may participate in the activity on Wednesday.

*investigate their family’s immigration history.
* investigate and record in short dot points the WHO, FROM WHERE, WHEN, WHY and HOW  of a few family                                              members. These can be recorded just as short dot points in their diary or on a piece of paper and stapled into their                                    diary.

This homework task is incredibly important (plus, I think it’s kinda fun). This homework task sets in place the preliminary investigations for our inquiry unit ‘From all the lands on Earth we come’ which will be underpinning all of our future work on our inquiry unit. The information gathered from these few dot points will be used in a maths activity, it’s important that your child bring this information to school so that they can participate in the activity.


Those parents and kiddies that came to meet and greets will understand my stance on homework. For those of you who were unable to come, here it is. I like to keep homework purposeful, engaging, interesting and fun and relevant to what we are doing in class. Mostly homework tasks are tasks that the kids can do on their own, with just some guidance from Mum, Dad or an older sibling. Maybe even grandma or Aunty Beryl.

But why do we do homework? Good question! Homework sets in place good routines for the future. Homework is a big part of grade 6 and an even bigger part of high school, and don’t even get me started on Uni, TAFE or even a trade!
Helping your child to set in place good routines with homework helps them to build a healthy attitude towards their learning and develops good practices regrading time management and organisation.  And we all know how important those last 2 are!

Sometimes all your child needs is a reminder. Homework is written into their diary, so ask to check it each night. Talk about your child’s homework with them. Have a quiet, well lit place for them to do their homework, away from distractions like the TV or computer.
If homework is becoming a problem at home, get in touch with me! We can make it work!

Good luck, looking forward to checking what they have come up with on Wednesday!


Hi guys and dolls,

Here are a couple of websites to help with selecting a book for you (or your child) to read. I will also add these websites as a page on the blog, so you can access them without scrolling back through posts.

Inside a dog

inside a dog

Here you can find great reads, read reviews, read author comments, join discussions on your favourite books, even write your own book review…. oooh reading and writing together! Talk about 2 birds with one stone, hey?

Premier’s Reading Challenge


Of course the Premier’s Reading Challenge will run again this year at school, however, this website gives you a list of recommended books, by year level, age and author name.



Shelfari is a ‘community powered encyclopedia for book lovers’. You can search via most popular, series, author or subject. You can create an account and create a digital/virtual bookshelf, write reviews, comment on books with your thoughts or ideas and connect with other book lovers.

Caldecott Medal Winners



Full lists of the Caldecott Medal winners, all the way from 1938! Waaayyyy back when Grandma was little! How cool to see what Nan, Pa, Mum and Dad would have been reading back then! Lists are by year (decades), and then by winner and honour books.

Children’s Book Council of Australia

book council


More award winners, I mean they win awards for a reason guys, mostly because they’re pretty awesome! You can view books by year, by award type, and by category- picture story books, young adult, early childhood etc…


Anyway, that’s all for the moment… If you find any other great websites, please share them! I’d love to find some ebooks that we can access easily (and freely $-$) or maybe even some great blogs or websites to read.

Remember, in grade 5, we need to be reading at LEAST 30 minutes EVERY NIGHT!!! This is your pleasure reading time. Find something you LURVE reading, and sink your teeth into it… encyclopedias, manuals, novels, diaries (your big sister’s one is OFF limits, hehe!), non fiction books (information books), instructions for your new video game, your favourite blog, the newspaper (yeah, remember those old things?), magazines…. anything, you just need to read!!

Quickly, before I forget! Remember to RECORD what you’re reading in your diary!

P.P.S (Oh, I am forgetful!). Kids, remember to always pick a JRT (just right text). Check the cover, read the blurb, quick flick (check the font), 3 finger test. Mums and Dads, the kids will catch you up on this!


Happy Reading!