An update from our traveler!

Hi Everyone,

Here is an update from our little jetsetter:

Hi Miss C and 5C
I am having an awesome time in America.  I am having a fun  time pranking, shopping, time with my
family, swimming and tomorrow we will be going to the beach.  We are in West Palm Beach Florida and
the beach is 10 minutes away from my uncle’s house.  We will be leaving for Jamaica on Friday.

Isn’t he a lucky ducky?!!
Do you have any questions for this person about their holiday? Be careful not to use his name in this comment!

Some Holiday Musings

Hi everyone,

Here is a little post for you to reply to, just to keep your brains ticking over. For your information, musings are thoughts, ideas, things to contemplate- and that’s exactly what this post will be about! Here are some sites you can check out over the holidays and some ideas for you to comment on. YOU NEED TO RESPOND TO AT LEAST 2 OF THE IDEAS. 

Remember, I am still looking for people who can use the blog, comments and computers effectively.

1) We’ve had such a big, amazing, full on term- which I have loved every little bit of. Which bit did I love the most you ask? Well, let’s look back over the term. We had the Positive Start Program to start off our term, with buddy activities and the Bully Bull Ring show, we had sports activities, including swimming, house cross country, house athletics, the golf day, 5/6 sport, various lunch time sport teams….We had the Essendon footy players visit. We learnt about place value and arrays, we read our class novel, which I know you all loved, we started our inquiry style learning on family history and immigration and multiculturalism! See, told you it was a big term!
The thing I loved the most was getting to know you all and watching you learn. What did you love the most about term 1? What new things did you learn? Make sure you use vivid description to describe our term!

2) We have started developing our times table knowledge using table masters. I know you all though these would be a drag, but you’ve all been so excited to see how something so quick and easy has helped your tables knowledge to grow. When we developed our SMART goals around tables knowledge, I noticed that a lot of you stated that you wanted to improve on a few particular times tables, like the 7s,8s or 9s. So here is a website to help you with times tables…..aren’t I a nice teacher?! You can share you table master SMART goal below (or what you remember of it). You could write a review of this website if you like…What things are you finding tricky with your tables? Do you have any hot tips to help out others?
table masters

3) Over the term, we started learning in an inquiry style though our investigation around family history, immigration and multiculturalism. This was actually kind of tricky for lots of us!!! There were lots of questions asked (‘Why?’, ‘What does that mean?’, ‘Ok, but how?’, ‘WHY?’) , ones that Google didn’t even know the answer to! There was a LOT of researching and putting information into our own words and then more researching and then putting it all together some how! But we all did a great job of persevering even when we were faced with challenges. It’s a new way of thinking and we’ll just get better and better at it!
I’d like you to check out this website: (it might not look the same as the picture- it changes all the time!)

This website is all about wondering. Which ties in so nicely with inquiry thinking and learning. I’d like you to have a look at Wonder of the Day (on the left hand side) and write a comment about what you found out, did you learn something new? What do you notice about the types of questions they ask? You can even explore wonders using the Explore Wonders button on the left hand side. Did it make you have any wonderings of your own?

4) I’d like to know what you thought about Boy Overboard. I know when I first read the story, I laughed, cried, gasped and was shocked! Here are some questions to get you going:
Who was your favourite character? Why?
What was your favourite chapter or event? Why?
Did you like this story? Why?
If you could change the ending, would you?
Do you remember a big realisation, or something that you felt really strongly?
Make sure you include lots of detail and description in your comment.

I’m looking forward to reading your responses!