A blog for you to investigate…

Hi Investigators,

The grade 5 teachers and I have been doing some hunting for great blogs to show you.
We came across this blog:
blog 2

It is a very helpful website! It has lots of posts on ‘How To’, videos that you can watch with Mum or Dad and links to lots of other student blogs that you can read.

Part of your homework is to investigate this blog. I would like to make notes on 3 things that you found really helpful.
Notes that say ‘the videos were helpful’ will not be accepted.
We have spoken a lot about taking notes and how to take notes that are 10/10. This is a chance for you to practise taking notes that are 10/10. If you find a page that was helpful, then explain why that page was helpful. Did you like that it had good pictures? Did you like that the instructions were clear? Did you like that the instructions were broken down into steps?

There are also A LOT of other student blogs linked to this blog, from all around the world. Maybe you could spend some time investigating these?

Looking forward to seeing what you liked or thought was helpful!

Miss C.

Brilliant Base Words, Perfect Prefixes and Sensational Suffixes

Hi Spellers,
This week we have been learning about base words. Some of you have even included a blog post about them on your blogs! Great work!

Your task for this week’s homework is to create something like our base word trees (Mums and Dads, you will love these!), but for Greek or Latin prefixes, suffixes or bases. For the prefix, suffix or base that you choose, you will need to create a new visual in a word doc, and include the ‘meaning’ or your prefix, suffix or base (e.g. lun means ‘of the moon’), the ‘origin’ of the word (is it Greek or Latin- bonus points if you can include the original Greek or Latin word), and as many words that use that that prefix, suffix or base.
Maybe you could use arrow shapes and rectangles to show your prefixes or suffixes??

You can use THIS website to help you get started. It is just a Wikipedia page, but I’m 100% sure you could find a much more interesting page!

We’ll have a look at what you have created on Monday morning and create a blog post about your words.

Energy Week

Hi Everybody,

Next week our school is holding ‘Energy Week’. This is a special week that we hold every year to encourage people to get active and rug up to help save energy through winter. Across the week we will be holding lots of activities for everyone to get involved in, which will helpfully see them staying toasty warm and needing to use less energy to run our heaters.
Here’s a list of events that we are running at lunch times to keep everyone active and warm.

       Energy Week
2-6 June 2014

 Layers day: Come to school in your layers!
Layers parade @ lunch in the Gym

Dance with Miss Wencel @ lunch in the Gym

Skipping Grades Prep-2 @ recess in the Gym
Skipping Grades 3-6@ lunch in the Gym

Walk/Ride to school
Ride/Scoot/Skate through the school
Don’t forget your helmet!


Are you looking forward to Energy Week? Which activities would you like to participate in?

Passive Energy Houses

Hi Mums and Dads,

So, by now I hope you have heard all about our Passive Energy Houses and have seen the design briefs.
All of the students (and just between you and me, the teachers too!) are very, very excited about starting the Passive Energy House project.

Here is the outline of the project.

  • Students will work in groups to research, design, plan, and construct a house that uses the 4 elements of passive energy design
  • They are restricted with the size of the house (so we don’t end up with any Ben Hur houses). Length=500mm max, width=400mm max, roof space 3000mm squared,
  • The roof must lift off or be hinged,
  • Uses solar energy to power a globe,
  • Has a water collection and storage system.

Students will be provided with solar panels, globes and wiring, cutting boards, stanley knives (used under supervision) and things like sticky tape, masking tape and staples.


Don’t be surprised if they come home asking for foil and foam!

What do YOU (kids and parents) think of our next project?! Tell me in the comments.


An Excellent Blog Has…..

Hi Grade 5s,

Yesterday we had some time cruising around some of the other classroom blogs looking for excellent things that caught our eye.

There were many things that we though looked fantastic. Here is a picture of some of the things we liked.

IMG_20140512_132955 (1)

Mostly, we were very impressed with the ‘widgets’ that some classroom blogs featured.

What do you think makes an excellent blog?
Choose 2 things and tell us how they make a blog excellent.
Spend some time looking at the things teachers ‘post’.
What do you think makes an excellent blog post?
Choose 2 things and tell us how they make a blog post excellent.
Post your answers in the comments!!!

Immigration Museum Excursion

Hi Grade 5s!

How fantastic was our excursion to the big smoke?!
To catch everyone up…
On Wednesday, we went to the Immigration Museum and the Sandridge Bridge as part of our investigation into Victoria’s Immigration history.

The Sandridge Bridge is a bridge (no way!) in Sandridge Square (who would have thought?!) in Southbank. It’s a tribute to Victoria’s Immigration history. It features 128 glass panels and 10 gigantic steel sculptures representing each period of immigration. If you’d like to read up on the history of the bridge, you can visit THIS website.


Inside the Immigration Museum, we viewed 7 different exhibits ranging from a massive ship, a timeline as big as a room, lots of interactive touch screens, videos and movies, photos, pictures…..The whole experience was a little rushed though, I think many of us would agree that it would be a fantastic place to explore on a weekend or over the school holidays.

Here are a few pictures of us inside the museum and on the bridge.

IMG_20140430_113737 IMG_20140430_130717 IMG_20140430_131122 IMG_20140430_134632 IMG_20140430_134926

I’m looking forward to reading your 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 reflections on the excursion on your own blogs (coming soon!).

In the mean time, I’d like you to share your favourite thing from the excursion- make your comments 10/10!

P.S- Gigantic thank you to Tara and Belinda who were able to come on our excursion with us. Our parent helpers really help ‘make’ our excursions.

Shapes, shapes and more shapes!

Hi Shape-Bots!

I loved our big 2D shape session on Friday! There’s nothing better than sinking your teeth into a topic and really exploring it, is there?!

We began with a discussion about the 2D shape words that we knew, and the things that we already knew about 2D shapes. I love these discussions- we actually knew more than we thought we did!
Here are some of the BIG things that we knew about 2D shapes:


After our big DnM, we set out to draw as many 2D regular polygons that we could- I set a tricky challenge. To draw 15, regular polygons. Well, my challenge was met. More than once! People were drawing hexagons, nonagons, decagons, rhombus (or is it rhombi?), parallelograms, trapezoids, dodecagons, tetrahedrons… And along the way we were discovering how to draw shapes, how to count their edges and angles (both external and internal, if you don’t mind), and if a shape has 10 edges and 10 angles, will it have 10 vertices? We also learnt about how to work out how many edges a shape will have just by it’s name (with no picture!). For example, if we needed to draw a tridecagon, we could work out that that shape has 13 sides, because tri means three, and deca means ten and gon means shape/sides.

PHEW!!! So much learning!

After all that, we looked at using regular polygons, to create irregular polygons. Hold on! Irregular polygons, using regular polygons? Yep, that’s what we’re about in grade 5. We’re that good! Here’s some pictures to prove it!

IMG_20140502_131700 IMG_20140502_131851 IMG_20140502_131908 (1) IMG_20140502_132005 IMG_20140502_132017

What was your favourite shape? Tell us how many edges, angles and vertices your shape has in the comments below!

Immigration Detectives

Hi Detectives,

Last week we delved into the hidden contents of an old, brown suitcase. And what wonderful stories the contents of the suitcase started to tell us!

With our detective hats, glasses and moustaches on, we began sifting through the artefacts and clues. It was fantastic to see everyone so excited at discovering the stories behind some people and families who *actually* migrated to Australia.

Who did you find out about in the suitcase? What was your favourite thing about the suitcase? Post your answers in the comments!

Here are some photos of some of us discovering the contents of the suitcase.