A blogging update

Hi everyone,

I’d like to start by congratulating those of you who are doing a terrific job of creating a positive digital footprint for yourselves. Looking back over your blogs, I have been really impressed with the quality of the work you are publishing, and with your quality comments both on the class blog and on your learning communities.
We certainly have come a long way in the quality of our posts, pages and comments!

There are however, a few of you, who are letting yourselves down. There are a handful of people missing quite a lot of pieces of work on their blog, or who are not publishing their very best work.

To keep everyone up to date- here is the updated spreadsheet, detailing what should be on your blog. I have not had a chance to leave notes on each new item. If you don’t remember what a task was, or are stuck on what should be included, check someone who is ‘green’ for that task.

Mums and Dads- if your students says they have no homework, please encourage them to check this document. If they have completed all of the items on the list, encourage them to explore other classroom blogs, student blogs (both local and international) and leave some 10/10 comments.
Students may also ‘draft’ their own wondering posts, which may include posts with links to things of their own interest that they have researched. I will check that these are appropriate at school, before they are posted.

Here is the Excel document: UPDATED BLOG POSTS

A quick reminder of the colour coding:

green= all good, you have this item posted.

red= you’re missing this post or page.

yellow= this post or page is drafted, or not quite right.

purple= you were absent, or are exempt from completing this task. 

Multiplying Decimals.

Hi Everyone,

Here is the video we watched yesterday on how to multiply decimals. The video starts with a much more complicated decimals multiplication sum- the part we watched starts from 2:54.


If you’re feeling up to the challenge, you can have a go at working through the more complicated sum at the beginning of the video.

I think it would be a really great idea to practise some of the decimals games on the Math Playground website. You can find these below:



An Ugly Duckling

Here is the funny little song clip that we watched before assembly today.
We spoke a little bit about the ‘literal’ meaning of the song was- a story about an ugly duckling who discovers his beauty as a swan. But we didn’t talk all that deeply about the ‘inferred’ meaning- the deeper level thinking, the message…

In a comment below, tell me what you think the bigger meaning was from the song clip. What text to text connections can you make between this song and Wonder? Can you make any connections between this song and the story we read in class ‘Two Choices” about Shay? Can you link in the precept of being kind and not right?
Share you thoughts in the comments. Remember that I am looking for blog comments that are 10/10 and that give reasons.

If you like someone else’s comment, let them know! You can say things like ‘I agree with…’ or ‘I like Hunter’s way of ….’
We’re great commenters in our class, so I’m sure you will all be complimenting, asking questions and giving reasons!

See you Monday,

Miss C.

Top 10 Tallest Towers!

‘World’s Top Ten Buildings’ blog post

Your post must contain:

  • An introduction to the task… 5C also talk about the predictions your class made, 5A talk about the fact that we listed all the ways that data could be represented.
  • Insert the following:
    • The raw data you collected…building name, height etc…
    • Your column, pie and pictograph charts with a brief explanation of the information they contain.
    • A description of the hidden learning in this task.


Operation Christmas Child!

Oh yes! It’s August, and we’re already talking about Christmas.

This term’s Junior School Council project is ‘Operation Christmas Child’. This is an initiative for the Samaritan Purse International Relief program.
The project involves collecting items from 6 different categories to send to a child as a Christmas gift.

You can find more information here:


The website includes lists of what to pack, what not to pack, shoe box tips and some lovely stories of children receiving their Christmas shoe boxes.

Donations are required by the end of term so that we can send the shoe boxes in time for Christmas.
If you are not sure what your category was, check your diary! We wrote them in on the 22/08.



Ahhh Paris!

Hi Everyone,
Here is a good starting point for your Parisian Landmarks investigation. It’s not the only place you should be getting information from, although it does have a very extensive list of landmarks that you could choose from.



Share in the comments if this website was helpful to you or not. Try to list a few reasons why or why not.

Your interactive tourist brochure OneNote needs to contain the following items:
A short introduction to Paris
A short description of your landmark
5 interesting facts about your landmark
Important info about your landmark, like opening hours, cost of entry, available tours
An audio recording- this could be a tourist review of the landmark (make one up!)
4 pictures of your landmark
A map
3 helpful websites where tourists could get more information

If you have already started on publisher or another program, you may continue there, but make sure you include each of these things.

Tricky Triplets

Hi Everyone,

We’ve been looking at fractions, decimals and percentages in class lately- as you all know. Some people are still having trouble with recognizing equivalent fractions and understanding how to simplify fractions. That’s totally fine- it’s a pretty tricky thing to do! These areas of maths make your brain work really hard, since you have to remember things about fractions and things about times tables and division and lowest common denominators… phew!

So, here’s some practise that we can do. This game is called triplets. After you have played a few times, leave me a 10/10 comment about what you thought of the game. You will need to give reasons. 



If you need help remembering the rules for equivalent fractions, try this website for help:

equivalent fractions



If you want a visual reminder of how we work out equivalent fractions, the fraction wall we looked at is here:

fraction wall

So… what should I have on my blog?

Hi Everyone (again!),

Today, we talked about what we should have on our blog so far for term 3. We have started a lot of different blog posts and pages in class, with time to discuss, ask for help and to draft our posts. However, not everyone has actually posted all of the things we have started.
This term, we are expecting everyone to continue posting things on their blog. We will continue to give you time to draft pieces at school (within reason) and you will always have time to ask for help if you need to. However, if you don’t finish something in class, or don’t get something posted, you will be required to complete the posting at home, as homework. Without me explicitly having to ask you to.
I feel that this is an important thing for everyone to be learning about. It’s about being organised. It’s about taking responsibility for your learning. It’s about you developing a digital footprint on your blog, that you can (and should be!) proud of.
It’s about you following the blogging rubric we developed as a class, which should be on your blog (or on your netbook at least!).

If you were absent for something, like a talk or an excursion we have blogged about, then of course you don’t have to complete this blog. If you missed the start of something that we have continued over a few days in class, like our Amazing Race pages, then you will need to complete these. This is all part of you being responsible for your learning and your blogging.

Here is the Excel document we worked on this afternoon.

Blog Posts

I haven’t highlighted anyone’s columns yet, I will start doing this over the weekend. Most of you have completed bits and pieces of these tasks.
If you’re not sure about a blogging task, have a look at some other student blogs (from 5A and 5B too!) and see if you can work it out. If you’re still not sure- have a go! We can always change things to the right place if we need to or delete things. Use the blogging criteria documents to help you.

Remember, there are special privileges for people who complete all tasks to their personal 10/10, like changing themes, pictures, adding widgets, Voki or even a pet.