Are you up to date???

Hey Everyone,

Here is the most updated blogging tick sheet. I know that there are lots of other things that people have posted under their own steam, and I’m willing to give credit for these too, so come and see me.
There are also a heap of people who have done a lot of catching up, so super well done to those people. I appreciate the effort you have put in to putting your best digital footprint forward!

However, there are some people who are truly behind. More often than not, we have worked on these pieces  in class and on word documents or on excel spread sheets. Aside from the Student Blogging Challenge, nearly all of this work should have been completed in class time. It makes me question your learning behaviour a little when there are so many things left uncompleted.

If you’re not sure what something is on the blog tick sheet, find someone who has this item posted on their blog and check it out for some inspiration.

To remind you all: red= not completed anywhere obvious on your blog. Yellow=it’s a draft or not quite finished on your blog. Purple= you were absent or have been excused from that task. Pink= you may add another widget or pet to your page.

Blog Posts

If you know you have something on your blog, and I haven’t been able to find it, please come and see me, so I can make adjustments.

Miss C

Mighty Multiplication

Hi Guys,

We’re getting better at our times tables and learning some clever tricks to help us out.

If you’re still struggling, or would like to get better and quicker, Maths Is Fun is a great resource for you.

times tables 2

This website features great pages for speed skills, learning tips and tricks and long multiplication.
Did you find the website helpful?



Today we learnt a new game that people found helpful with learning about multiplication. It’s called Productivity. All you need to play is a deck of cards and another person to play with.
There are no Jokers used in this game. The Jack = 100. A Queen = 10 and a King = 0.
Each player deals 4 cards. Multiply the first two, record your answer. Multiply the second two, record your answer. Then plus your two answers together. This become your total. Continue playing, adding your results to the grand total. The winner is the person with the highest score after 10 rounds.


Mind your own mind map

Hi again everyone,

Us teachers thought it would be really great to look at mind mapping as a new way to record and display information.
What’s a mind map, you ask. Well, I’m so glad you asked! Off you go and research! Mwahaha.

What does a mind map look like?
What things to mind maps include? Colours? Lines? Pictures? Definitions?
How are mind maps organised? Something in the middle? Key ideas? Just random? Messy?

We need to decide on a criteria of what mind maps should include, so make sure you record clear notes on what you discover about mind maps.

More than one way!

Hi ya’ll!

In maths we’ve been looking at multiplication and the many, many ways there are to solve a multiplication sum. Everyone has such different way to help them work through what can be a tricky process!

Here is a link to some images of different ways to solve a multiplication problem.

times tables

LOOK. AT. THEM. ALL. Mind blowing, really.

Your mission (and no, you can’t choose to not accept…), is to investigate some of these other methods. Try them out in your maths book. Try them more than once, just to check if they truly work.
Which one works best for you?
Can you explain why it works?

Post your response in a comment below! Make sure it’s a 10/10 comment 😉


Oh yes, the first week back and the homework has already started!

Your first task is to make a really decent start on your ‘Working in a Team Skills’ pie chart reflection. We started this in class today, and spent quite a bit of time organising ourselves to be able to complete this at home. We have all written the ‘criteria’ onto our netbooks, so this should just be a matter of writing down our thoughts.
Here is the picture of the whiteboard that needs to be included in the post:

team skills


The second part of the homework is the blogging challenge. This week’s challenge is to create a ‘master piece’ and post it to your blog. It doesn’t need to be lots of writing (unless you choose to make a creative writing piece), but you should remember to include some questions, so that other students have something to respond to on your blog.
Here is a link to the list of possible websites you could use (state which website you used in your post): Create a Masterpiece

Are you ready for the challenge?

Hi Everyone,

We’ve had our blogs for 2 whole terms now, and I really think we’re starting to get the hang of things. We’ve all got a great range of interesting blogs posted and some great pages included on our blogs as well.

So, here’s the challenge. It’s called the Student Blogging Challenge, and as you have your own blogs, you can all participate. I’ve registered our class blog as well. I’ve never participated in a blogging challenge before, have you? I’m interested to know what you expect the challenge to be like? Leave me a comment!

student blogging

Depending on what each of the challenges are, we may do some of them together in class, and some of them may be set as homework challenges.