Hi Everyone,
Midway through last week we had a little investigation on the silver and golden coloured stickers that are sometimes on the front of books. We found out that these stickers are often from the Children’s Book Council Awards, or the Caldecott Medal,  who both give awards to books of outstanding literary quality. We checked on our classroom library shelves, and found we had quite a few novels and picture story books with award stickers.

Later that day, we talked about giving books a chance. Reading something that has a ‘boring’ looking cover, has a ‘boy’ or ‘girl’ cover, by an author we don’t know or one that’s from a genre that we don’t usually read.

And that, is how we came across Once.

Once is written by renowned Australian author, Morris Gleitzman. Gleitzman often writes on some sensitive topics, but with his unique style, manages to inject these topics with appropriate humour and themes of kindness, friendship and love.

Once is an historical fiction novel based around the Holocaust. It tells the story of 10 year old Felix who is searching through Poland for his parents. Just like Gleitzman’s other novels, Once has appropriate, subtle humour and themes of friendship, hope, kindness and love. However, as it’s a Holocaust book, there are also some not so nice parts. Yes, characters die in this book.

We began reading Once for no other reason than to practise giving books a chance and to practise effective listening. We talk about the events in the book, sharing our knowledge, correcting misconceptions, questioning, sharing thoughts. We talk about the history of the Holocaust, we talk about Nazis, about WW2, Poland, Germany, Concentration Camps. Sure, they’re not nice topics, but they’re important topics. They’re part of history and history needs to be talked about, shared and remembered. In a supportive environment. Like our classroom.

Here is a link to Gleitzman’s website. Click on the picture to head there.


There are also lots of reviews on the net if you’d like to read how children respond to this book.

5C, what do you think of Once so far?

Miss C.





Reading to big kids

Hi folks,

This is an article written for Mums and Dads about how much big kids still love being read to. Have a read, Mums and Dads. 5C, you can read the article if you like. Just click on the picture to visit the article.

5C, what do you love most about being read to?

Mums and Dads, do you read aloud to your big kids?

My mum read Narnia and lots of the Famous Five books aloud to my brother and I until early high school. They’re some of my favourite memories.


Round and Round Rounding

Hey Everybody!

Yesterday, we were pretty good at knowing what rounding was, and where we could use it. We knew that rounding was taking a number to it’s closest 1, 10, 100 or even 1000! AND we knew that we could use rounding for all sorts of things, like estimating, measuring, telling the time and for dealing with money. Aren’t we clever? Yes, yes we are.

Some people weren’t quite sure about the rules for rounding though. So, here’s a Maths Is Fun webpage to help us out. (Can you tell I love Maths Is Fun?)


Make sure you have the rules for rounding written into your maths book, with a diagram to help if you need. Then, let’s play a game!!

This post is probably about probability

Hi Ya’ll

What do we all know about probability? Hmm, probably a little bit? I thought so. Just in case your mind is going ‘hmm, probability, I think I need a refresher…’ here is a website to help you out.

Use your summarising skills to write some main ideas about probability into your maths book.

probability line

This website is from Maths Is Fun, and it has some questions at the bottom of the page to test your skills and a die experiment that we will try out together.

Here’s the direct link to the die experiment:

die experiment

What did you learn from reading the probability site? What did you discover from the die experiment? How/why were your results different from someone else’s? Post your answers in a comment.

Delightful Democracy

We’ve been investigating Government this term and this was something that we started off not knowing a single thing about! That just meant that we had loads of questions, I wonders and I thinks happening in our discussion.

We watched this video together 4 times, yes 4! We found this really helpful- each time we watched we found out a little bit more. We used the video to help us with our first go at summarising from an audio source, which was quite tricky!

Now we know lots of different things about Democracy- can you share what you found out about?

Miss C.

Welcome to 5C 2015

Hello Everyone and welcome to a brand new shiny year!

I’m very much looking forward to getting to know you over the next few weeks and learning with you throughout the year. Grade 5 is such an exciting year!

We’ve only just finished the first week, but we’ve already done so much.

Here’s some pictures to show off our week so far!



What has been the best part of this week for you?

Families, if you came to our open morning, what did you like the best?