Great Graphs!

Hi Everyone,

We’ve been doing a fair bit of work with graphs lately. Let’s head to my all time favourite maths website, yep, you guessed it, Maths Is Fun, to do some discovering about graphs.

Off we go!


What did you discover about graphs? Post your findings as a comment below!

Miss C 🙂

Scientific Method

Hi guys,

Most of you are up to wanting to test your planes- fantastic!
However, there is some ground work that you need to do first, before you can start testing. As Sam and Nathan will tell you, the more work you put into writing your procedure or method, the easier your testing will be.

Here are some links that  may help you:

science project procedurescience buddies


Gifts from Crows

Hi my little finches,

Here’s an article I thought I would share with you, for you to practise leaving quality comments on.

I saw this article over the weekend, and it really grabbed my interest; gifts from crows, as if! What was your first impression? Have you ever had an animal leave you a gift? My old cat used to bring me dead mice- ick!


Once you’ve read the article, leave me a quality comment.

Miss C.


Ride to School Day Data

Hi again everyone,

I know lots of you are working on your Ride to School Day presentations at home.

Here is the whole school data that we collected, in case you need it for your presentation.


Remeber that the biggest thing that we’re working on is presenting the data in a way that’s easy for your grade to understand. Our prep presentations should look different to our grade 3 and grade 6 presentations.

Don’t forget that there’s the opportunity for us to share some of our presentations at assembly, on the TV in the office, on the school’s blog and in the newsletter.


Wellness Presentation


I know lots of you are working on your wellness presentations at home, so I thought I would share our brainstorm on the board with you all.


Remember that your presentation can be in any form you like: an Explain Everything file, a song, a poem, a story, a dance, a poster or series of drawings, an iMovie, or a dance.

On the right hand side of the board, is the list of things that you need to be able to show in your presentation.

I’d like to see finished presentations by Wednesday next week. That’s the 25th of March!


We are an eSmart School

Our school is proud to be an official eSmart school. Since we first registered with the program, we have introduced many new policies and activities to improve the way our school manages cybersafety, bullying and cyber-bullying.

We feel confident our students, staff and the wider school community are now well supported to be smart, safe and responsible users of technology.

We encourage everyone in the school community to continue to uphold and promote eSmart behaviours, at school and at home. If you are aware of any incidents of bullying, cyberbullying or risky online behaviour, please contact our Principal, Jonathan Lowe or our eSmart coordinator, Tim Rogers.

Our class blog features many links for parents and students to explore, seek assistance, advice and learn skills. You can find these resources under the Cyber Safety Page.



A3-80, A4-80 or B5-80

Alrighty! Today we start the Paper Plane Challenge. Now, before we all go charging off making hundreds of paper planes, there are some guidelines.

You are required to RESEARCH before you start creating your planes.
This website might set you on the right path.


You will need to research THREE (3) websites to help you decide on a paper aeroplane design. Make a list of these websites, with a short review of each, on Explain Everything.

You will need to PLAN your paper aeroplane before you create it. This will include sketches of up to three different designs. Your drawings will need to include side view and birds eye view. Make sure you label your drawings.

When you decide on a plan, record all dimensions.

Students, please prepare for take off.


Paper planes instruction sheet

Your About Me Page

Hi Everyone,

Last week, we launched into the Student Blogging Challenge for 2015. The first challenge is to post some ‘About Me’ information.

It’s probably an ok thing to make our blogs a little more personal, but we don’t want to give away any personal information (personal information includes anything that you would not like a stranger to know about you).

This link has some good information and links to other student blogs with ‘About Me’ type pages.

I want you to explore this website that contains links to examples of ‘About Me’ pages:

about me page

While you are looking at these websites I would like you add any new ideas to your ‘About Me Page Ideas’ notes page.

Then we will get together to share some of the ideas and how you can write about them on your about me page.

What things are not ok to post about on your About Me page?

Spiralling Decimals

Hi Everyone,

Here’s the quick game we played in maths today: Spiralling Decimals. It’s great to play these games at home as well as school. Then you can wow your family with your super amazing decimals skills. It also helps to practise things if you weren’t quite sure the first time we played. That would be taking initiative, which I love. You could even tell your Mum and Dad what you learnt about the prefix ‘Dec’ today, or about times when you compare decimals, or how you remember that 0.8 is actually BIGGER than 0.79. Say whaaa? No Way! You could make this game harder, to challenge Mum or a bit easier to play with someone younger than you.


So, did you play this game at home? What did your family think?