Engaging Migrant Biography Presentation Ideas

Hey hey everyone!

Over the weekend, you might like to start thinking about how you are going to creatively and engagingly share your migrant’s story with the class.
We’ve spoken about the fact that watching 23 Explain Everythings or 23 iMovies isn’t going to be very interesting or engaging, so here are some ideas on different ways you can share your migrant and their story.

You could try:

  • A diorama
    Instructions: http://www.wikihow.com/Make-a-Diorama
  • A set of art works showing different stages of your migrants journey
  • A set of poems describing your migrants journey
    Different types of poetry can be found here: https://www.youngwriters.co.uk/glossary-poetry-types
  • A puppet show
  • A play, dance or song- you could use garage band to create music that matches each stage of your migrants journey
  • An interview of your migrant
  • A prezi
  • A cartoon strip
  • A collage
    Instructions: http://www.wikihow.com/Make-a-Collage
  • A lift the flap poster with questions and answers and images about your migrant
  • A persuasive piece to convince us that your migrant should be allowed into Australia (good for modern migrants)
  • A mobile showing small pictures and words that share your migrants story
    Instructions: http://www.wikihow.com/Make-a-Mobile
  • A large map or time line
  • A thinglink
  • A diary or journal of your migrant
  • A series of letters from your migrant to their family
  • An artifacts box with things that may have belonged to your migrant

Think about how you can use your crafty mind to create something really interesting to capture our grade’s imagination!

How can you use boxes, paper, fabric, pens, paper, apps on your iPad in a different way, your body, words, imagination.

I am happy to bring things that you might need, like some fabric for example, but other things you will need to collect from home.

Once you are over half way through your written biography, you can start working on your presentation. As you can judge from the list of ideas, these presentations are going to take quite a bit of work, so you’re going to need to do some homework to ensure you finish on time!

I’m so excited to see what you create! What are you thinking of doing?

Miss C.

A text structure hunt

Howdy All

Here’s a little challenge for you. Using this image below and your text structure skills, see what different text structure you can identify from this piece on Britain in WW2.

Put the picture into an app where you can annotate and record your discoveries.

To be successful, you will refer to things like signal words, paragraphs and diagrams accurately and give reasons for your thinking.

To be an extra good student, you will record predictions, connections, questions or a summary.

Let’s go!


A Sizzling Biography

Aloha folks,

Let’s have a look at our biography writing. We’ve only written short, little biographies on the people we were sitting near. So I think it’s safe to say that we haven’t had a lot of practise! Let’s share a few examples and see what we notice…

What did you think?

Here’s a sample of a pretty good short biography, on a woman called Mae Jamieson: Space Star.
What do you notice about the title? Good, huh? This author has been very clever with their choice of words!

Let’s read the rest of the biography. Here’s a picture link:
sample biography

What do you think? What did you notice? What will you change about your biography now?

Afghanistan Powerpoint


Here’s the powerpoint that you will need to link to your blog in somewway. I don’t mind if you just link to my blog, or find a way to save the powerpoint to your iPad (or use your home computer) and link it to your blog that way. Then you will need to link your responses (either through iMovie, screen shots, what ever) to show what you thought about while we were viewing the powerpoint.

Don’t forget what a good blog post includes; a snazzy title, a short intriguing intro, a question and relevant media.

I’m looking forward to reading your responses.

And, sorry it was late, I had a meeting after school, and have only just arrived home. An hour and a half after you guys!
Miss C.

Afghan Refugees Slideshow

6,483,749,132 lines of code written by students

Oh yes! Here’s something that will truly excite you all. No, I’m serious!

You are going to have a session of coding. Yes. Coding. Now calm down Ollie.

Our maths session today will involve you spending some time coding. Yep, coding=maths.

Can you tell me how? Post your answer as a comment here when you figure it out.

Head over to:


Here you can investigate a number of coding activities, some very simple (even I can do them!), others slightly more complex. If you are very, very new to coding, like, you do not have any idea what I am even talking about, then I suggest you try out Course 2:


If you are a little more comfortable, try Course 3:



Of course, if you know all about  coding, you can use other apps like Tynker, LightBot and CodeSpark. If you don’t have those apps, check out the code.org homepage as there are lots of different coding activities for you to try.

Let’s started!

Choose your own project- Migration

Hi again everyone,

We’ve reached that time in our Migration investigation where we need to start talking about an assessment project!

Thanks to http://motor-kid.com/happy-child-cartoon.html

Thanks to http://motor-kid.com/happy-child-cartoon.html

I just knew you’d be as excited as these guys!

So here is your task:
From all the lands on Earth we come

Let’s read through it and make sure everyone is clear on the task.
You are not expected to start the task right away- you will need to research first. We will have 3 sessions this week for you to research, discuss, ask questions and start finding things out. By Friday, I will expect you all to know which period of history you will be investigating and have an idea about who you will be researching.

Let’s start researching. You may find the following websites helpful in your researching:

Melbourne Museum

The Age Migrant Stories

Can you find any other helpful websites? What might you search for? What would be a good place to start looking for information? Where is a good place to record any interesting information you find or any questions or ideas you have?

Miss C