I’m here!!

Hello everyone!

This is just a very quick post to let you know I arrived safely in London after 2 very, very l   o   n   g flights.

I’m heading into London tomorrow, so I’ll take some photos to show you then.

Hope you have a wonderful first day with Mrs Adams.

Miss C

Writing Excellent Explanations

Hey there,

Here are the sample explanation pieces of writing that we looked at last week.

Examples of Explanations

As a rough guide for you:
How Rocket Shoes Work is about grade 1.
Why Tadpoles Change is by a grade 2 class.
Why Tsunamis Occur is about grade 3.
How Kites Fly is about grade 4.
How to Become A Knight is about grade 5/6.

If I recall correctly, you were most impressed by the information in the kites article and that you felt the knights one showed the most amount of information in an appropriate way for grade 5 students.

You should use these samples to guide your own explanation piece of writing. Everyone has their own list in their BIG green book on what they think a great explanation includes- things like sizzling starts, some dialogue, pictures or diagrams, scientific language, good descriptions. Use this to help you as well. 

Once you have written your explanation piece. Collect a Revision Checklist and have a self assessment of your own work.

Looking forward to reading your explanations!
Miss C.


Parent’s Association

Hey Guys,

Have you read our Parent’s Association blog? Our Parent’s Association do all sorts of wonderful things for our school inlcuding organising fun events for us to be part of to raise money for special things around our school.

You can check out their blog here:

Parent's Association


If you click on the picture link it will take you to their blog. There are even pictures from the disco on there!

What did you find out about the Parent’s Association?