Elements of Passive Design

Hi Teams,

Welcome to phase one of your passive energy house- building your knowledge of passive design and designing your house.

To build a passive energy house, you have to use the elements of passive energy design, to use them effectively and efficiently, you have to know what they are! Some of you have a few ideas about what these are, so lucky you if you have them in your group!

For this afternoon, we will be looking at this website:

passive design

You’ll need to read the website together in your team- use the sidebar menu to navigate through the different elements. There are 11 different elements. Before you can move any further onto designing your house (like selecting images of houses you like, having a go at drawing some rough plans, thinking of building materials, or building your house) your team will need to pass an ‘examination’ with the ‘local council’ (Mr Andrea, Mrs Boyd or Miss C). Any member of your team could be asked to explain their understanding of any of the 11 elements of passive design! So it’s really important that you all have a shared understanding of each of the elements.

Use this afternoon’s session to read through the website together, take some notes, summarise each paragraph. You will not be allowed to have the notes with you when you face the ‘local council’ panel. There is no time limit on how long you have to do this, however, if you are sent back to study harder, there will be a time limit placed on you before you can be re-examined. You don’t want to take too long either- too much time spent here, means less time building!

Communicate clearly with your group, accept responsibility, focus hard, manage your impulsivity, apply some past knowledge, persist and listen to others with empathy.

Good luck- ‘local council’ look forward to meeting with you soon!

Good Morning 5C

Good Morning 5C,

I’m sorry that I was not at school for the rest of Tuesday. There were some things yesterday morning that ended up making me very stressed and I just needed a bit of time to myself. I’m sorry that that ended up with you guys being split for the day. Thank you for being understanding and well behaved.

Today I have some appointments so am unable to be with you today either. However I know that you will continue to be my wonderful class even though I am not there today.

When you are split today, here is what I would like you to continue on with.

9-11am: This is some important time for you to put towards researching your topic for your ‘living sustainably’ information report- remember, these are due at the end of next week. You will need to use an app of your choice to collect notes, key words, your ideas and thoughts AND the URL of the website you gathered your information from. This is not a cut and paste activity, so make sure you are using your summarising skills to put the information into your own words.

11:30-12:30:After recess you will have art as normal.
12:30-1:30: If you are with a class that has PA, PE or Art, ,that is ok, if not I’d like you to work on your Marvelous Maths geometry silhouette project. That’s the one with the overlapped shapes that you can draw onto the black or dark coloured paper. Please don’t take the chalk today, just draw your shapes accurately onto the coloured paper with grey lead pencil and then write your calculations accurately onto lined paper. If you have many many calculations (like as many as Sam!), make sure you show at least 5 of them.

2:20-3:20: You will participate in 5/6 sport this afternoon. You will stay together in your class for this session.


Have a great day today, I look forward to seeing your ‘living sustainably’ notes on Thursday.

This week’s reading post

Hi 5C,

This week, we have done mostly class activities in reading, and other than this morning, we haven’t had any dedicated time to work on activities to meet our reading goals.

I can hear you all now: “But Miss C, what are we meant to write a blog post about?”

Well 5C, I’m glad you asked. There are still many, many things you can post about.

You can post about how you have been working towards your goal in independent reading, what you have been recording, a book review, a paragraph or two explaining or describing your book, you can write a post about what you love about reading or what you don’t love so much about reading giving me lots of reasons, you can post about your favourite book ever, you idea of a perfect book, a post about whether the book or the movie is better, the first book you remember reading, about your favourite author and why they are your favourite, you could even write me a poem about reading.

So you see, there are still plenty of things for you to write a blog post about!

I’m looking forward to seeing what creative things you can tell me about your reading.

Climate Change

Good morning 5C,

Are you starting to feel more knowledgeable on climate change and the effect it has on our planet? Are you starting to see why it is a little bit important that we know about sustainability?

Here is another information report about climate change. I know it’s an information report because it has headings and sub headings, an introduction, it has pictures with captions, a labeled diagram, it’s factual and precise and it is written in the present tense using accurate scientific language. These are the things you will need to include in your information report.

Here are the PDFs. You will need to read them and annotate them in an app- the same as we did yesterday. Record any important words, your thoughts, ideas and questions. Maybe this information report will give you some ideas on your Living Sustainably information report.

climate change 1

climate change 2

What was something you thought while reading this information report?


Walk to School October

Hi 5C,

We’re all doing such a great job walking to and from school, there are so many of you taking up the challenge to be more fit and active.

Here’s the walk to school website: http://www.walktoschool.vic.gov.au/

You can use the FAQ tab at the top of the website to find some more information about walk to school month. There is a question about what students can win.

walk to school

If you click on this picture link, it will take you to the Leader Newspaper article on a photography competition that is running as part of walk to school month.

It asks you to use social media to share pictures that you have taken while walking to school.
To protect your digital footprint, you will need to make sure you read the terms and conditions with Mum or Dad and choose a social media platform that is safe for you to use.

What do you like best about walking to school?

Global Changes and Greenhouse Gasses

Hi 5C,

Let’s dive into looking at some of the reasons why it’s important that we start looking at our thoughts and behaviours relating to sustainability.

There are two articles for you to read. Do you know what type of writing these are?

Global Changes

Greenhouse Gasses

Open the documents in an app that you can use to annotate these articles in. You will need to read both of them carefully- you can read with a partner.

You will need to high light any key words and use your chosen app to record any questions, ideas or thoughts that you have about these articles.

Leave me a comment telling me something new that you learnt or an idea you had while reading.

I’m looking forward to reading what you think.

Mr Andrea is sick

Hi 5B,

Mr Andrea is away sick today, so here is what he would like you to work on for today.

Start with at least half an hour (30 mins) of independent reading. Keep your reading goal in mind while you are reading. Make sure that you record your reading, including the date, title of your book, and something that shows you were thinking while you were reading- a prediction, question, short summary, wondering, visualisation etc.

Then check out this website:

Climate change       (It’s a picture link, just click and it will take you there)

Choose one of the articles to read. Make sure you read it thoroughly. Once you have finished reading, you will need to record the cause and effect signal words in your reading journal. These might include words like: since, because, if, due to, as a result of.
Once you have done this, see if you can create a mind map to show the cause and effect relationship in the article. If you’re not sure about what this is, ask your teacher. For example: Lachlan  is hungry, so his belly is rumbling and grumbling. Lachlan being hungry is the cause, the effect (thing that is  happening) is that his belly is grumbling.

After recess you will have your specialist lesson, I think PE?

Once you come back from PE, you will be able to work on your Dream House plans that you started yesterday. You will need to include a front view, side view and bird’s eye view (floor plan). Money, space and location are no problem- this is your dream, ultimate house.
You must tell Mr Andrea everything about your house- where it is, what it’s made from, why you have included what you have included in your house, who lives there with you. Why do you have 3 basketball stadiums in your house?


After lunch time we will have 5/6 sport.


I know you’ll have a great day today, and produce some spectacular work that Mr Andrea will be impressed to see when he comes back to school.

My Holiday Photos

Hi Everyone,

While I was away, something amazing happened- you all became experts on digital footprints and how to protect them.

So, I was wondering, could you help me? (Y)

I would really like to share the rest of my holiday pictures with you and my family and friends, but I would like to do this in a way that will most protect my digital footprint.

Could you:
1) provide me with some tips on protecting my pictures
2) some clues on how to protect my identity
3) some information about how I can protect my integrity (remember, digital footprint safety is not just about protecting my personal information).

4) suggest 3 websites where I could safely share a large amount of images in an interesting way. Provide me with your review of each website. What are the pros and cons? You will need to consider privacy settings on the image sharing website or app and the personal information I need to provide before I can sign up, down load or use the app or website.


Post your information as a blog post on your blog.