Similes and Metaphors

Here is a poster that you might find useful, and wish to download onto your iPad.

It compares similes and metaphors, includes a definition has examples, memory tips and the purpose of each.

similes and metaphors (click on the pink to open the poster).

metaphors for kids

The poster above is from this website (if you click on the link, it will take you there). On this website there is a great collection of metaphors, which you might like to include in some of your poems or writing.



The Features of Poetry

Hi Everyone,

I love how enthusiastic people have been about poetry. I really love poetry, it’s one of my favourite types of reading and writing. There are so many styles to read and write and so many great opportunities to have fun with sounds, words and shapes.

Before we get too much farther into learning about poetry, I think it’s important that we learn about some of the language you will need to use when reading and writing poetry.

With a partner, I’d like you to find DEFINITIONS and EXAMPLES of each of these poetry words. You can use any app you like to collect and present what you find. This will be a great little resource for you to use for the next few weeks while we explore poetry. There are a lot of words on this list and we’ll probably have today and tomorrow to work on finding these words. We’ll see how we go. You may know the meanings of some of these words already!

Here are the words:

Similes, metaphors, rhyming, stanza, meter, couplet, syllables, rhyming patterns- an aabb pattern, an abab pattern, alliteration, onomatopoeia, repetition (letters and sounds), personification, hyperbole.

If you find a great poetry website, share it in the comments 🙂


Hi Kidlets

This term, our You Can Do It focus is on Persistence.
free glitter text and family website at

But what is persistence? What does it mean? Where do you get it from? What happens if you don’t have persistence?

I’d like you to write a blog post about what Persistence means to you. You’re all amazing bloggers, so you should be able to stretch at least 3 paragraphs about persistence for your blog post.

You could consider:

  • including a definition of persistence
  • what does it mean to you
  • when do you use persistence
  • how do you feel when you are being persistent
  • times at school and outside of school
  • whether you think persistence is an important life skill and why

Being an excellent blogger, you know to use your author’s voice and your fantastic 7 steps writing skills to engage your reader. You also know that an excellent blogger uses visuals (pictures) and interesting relevant links for their reader to explore.

Once you have written your blog post, I’d like you to have a look at these lyrics (click on Shannon to go to the lyrics website)

Thanks to the Condobolin Argus for this picture.

Thanks to the Condobolin Argus for this picture.

I trust that you are familiar with these lyrics and have heard this song before? It’s an easy tune to sing a long to- and just as well! In 2 weeks (Nov 27th), we’ll be singing this song with the other grade 5 students at assembly!

We’ll need someone to give a bit of an explanation about why we have chosen this song to sing. What do you think? Why did we choose this song? What message does it send? Is it about persistence?




Here is a picture link to a website called STEMWorks. It has lots of science articles for you to read.

In your little green book, answer the following questions using your knowledge of nonfiction texts.

1) What is the title and who is the author of your article?

2) What is the Text Structure of your article?

3) What is the main idea of your article?

4) Explain why you believe this is the main idea of the article?

5) Record 2 facts from the article.

6) Record 2 new things you learnt that you might/could apply to your passive energy house.

Passive House Plans

Hello Architects and Drafts people.

Below are the two images that should guide you on what Council are expecting to see when you submit your passive energy house plans for approval. Council are very strict about their house plans, so it’s in your bet interests to take your time, make sure you are precise and accurate before submitting your plans.

Make sure your plans are detailed enough to show your knowledge of the passive design elements and show how your house is making best use of the land type/issue you have been given.


house plan

If you click on the pink, it will open up the house plans so you can see the level of accuracy needed!

Happy planning!