Shape Poems

Hello Poets,

Today, we’ll have a go at writing another type of poem. They’re called Shape Poems. I love them because they combine drawing and writing.

Click on this picture link to find out more:

Young Writers

Your job is to create your own shape poem. I think it would be awesome if you could create a Christmas Shape Poem.

You will know you have been successful when you have written your own Shape Poem.

There will be extra points for alliteration, similes, metaphors and excellent adjectives.

Friday Morning

Good morning 5C,

I know you will be polite and well behaved this morning while our grade is split.

This morning, I would like you to:
Complete at least 30 minutes of independent reading and record in your blue book.
Complete 30 minutes of independent writing.
Post two poems written by you on your blog. They need to be quality poems. My fat cat sat on a mat eating a rat, is not really stretching your poetry skills. You can edit and post some of the poems you have already written.
Continue working on your buddy cube. If you have finished your cube, you can explore this website: giggle poetry

Use the menu on the left hand side to explore the different topics.

I’ll see you after recess!

5, 7, 5 Haiku

Hi Everyone,

Here’s a fun new type of poem to write. It’s called a Haiku. They’re a traditional form of Japanese poetry often written about nature or animals. They take a little while to get the hang of, but once you’ve got it, they’re really interesting to write. To get them right, you have to know about syllables.

Let’s have a practise with syllables first. In your writing book, choose 6 words, write them into your book and record the number of syllables next to them.

Feeling confident with that bit? Okay, then here’s a website to help you out with writing a Haiku. 

Your task is to use your knowledge of syllables to write your own Haiku.

I know you’ll love it
You’ll feel so clever when done
Write one with a friend



Crop Circles

Howdy you guys,

We’re heading into a mini investigation- Crop Circles. It’s going to be a maths investigation, because of course you can imagine how much geometry must go into a crop circle. Or maybe you don’t? Have you heard of crop circles before?

crop circles explained

Check out this website. Aren’t they cool??? How do you think crop circles are created? What maths do you think is involved? What shapes can you see inside a crop circle. Use an app of your choice to record your thoughts.