That’s right! You are an independent learner, and even if you have finished all of your class work there is always something you can be doing to stretch your brain. Allocating a little bit of time each night to doing some homework will prepare you well for high school.

By now, you guys are aware of a great range of websites and apps to practise your maths and English skills. You should also be developing a great range of research skills to enable you to look into our class topics and your own areas of interest.

Homework will be due Mondays usually and will include but not be limited to:

– completion of class tasks

– 30min of nightly reading from a Just Right Book focussing on reading goals recorded in Student Diary

– collection of “seeds” for their writers note book – text, photos, vocabulary

– practising multiplication tables

– spelling tasks

If you have any questions throughout the year about homework expectations or tasks contact me at condon.emily.r@edumail.vic.gov.au 


Monday 1st Feb –

label all items in your tool box (tool box, grey lead pencil, red pen, ruler, eraser and sharpener) provide and label a pencil case with coloured pencils.

Of course, as our other supplies arrive, you will need to label them also.

Monday 1st Feb-Friday 5th Feb
What’s in a name short presentation task.
Please refer to the blog post below.

Monday 8th Feb –

  • Cover writing folder
  • collect seeds for writing this term

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