Parking Panic

Hi Everyone,

Once you have finished the assessment, I’d like you to move onto Parking Panic on Cool Math.
Parking Panic is a strategy game. You need to think several moves ahead, before you move any of the cars. It shouldn’t just be mindless swiping around, hoping that you’ll get the right combination of moves.
When we complete problem solving activities, it’s really important that we think a few steps ahead of where we are, that way we can decide if what we’re about to do is actually logical!

When you start playing Parking Panic, please make sure you have your volume OFF!!! 

parking panic

Bullying- How to help

Hi Everyone,

Bullying is one of those things that can leave everyone involved feeling really helpless. It’s important to know that there are lots of ways that you can help people involved in a bullying situation.

There are ways you could support a bully to change their actions.
There are ways you could help to support a bystander.
There are ways you could help to support someone who has experienced bullying.

It’s important to remember that it’s not your job to try and fix all of the problems or to fix the people involved in bullying, but just like in the Boundin’ video it can help a lot if you take some initiative to try and support the people involved. However, you guys are often the first people to know if bullying is happening, so you can often be the first people to do something positive.
Lots of you recognised in our silent conversation that support was a big thing that could help to stop a bullying situation.

Here are a few websites that I’d like you have a look at. I’d like you to have your green book beside you to record any ideas or interesting information that you come across.

bullying 1

bullying 2

bullying 3

bullying 4

bullying 5

Once you’ve had a bit of a search around and got some ideas flowing, you’re going to make a display on how to help out with a bullying situation. I’ll explain that in a little bit 🙂

iPad Protocols

  • Kept in a hard case and stored safely
  • Picture of themselves on lock screen easily identified
  • IPad name must be your name and class no more than 2 emoji’s
  • No passwords
  • IPad is a learning tool and should only have relevant apps installed
  • Only to be used during class
  • Manage your storage – clean out unnecessary photos, videos, games etc.
  • Your iPad is your responsibility and food, storage, charging, transport needs to be carefully considered
  • Damage must be reported immediately

The use of your iPad should reflect our school values of:

  • Respect and Integrity in all dealings with others.
  • Providing the skills and knowledge to become life- long learners
  • Initiative and taking responsibility for actions
  • Effective partnerships between teachers, students and parents and the broader community
  • Setting high expectations and striving for excellence while recognising, understanding and catering for a diversity of needs across the school



From the film give examples of “Using initiative and taking responsibility for actions”. What would you do if you were made to change/ look different from your normal self how would overcome the embarrassment? Post your examples as a quality blog comment below.

Can you also think of how the characters show examples of our other school values and our You Can Do It keys?

Maths- What do you think?

Tell me what you think!

Hey Guys,

This is a short survey for you to tell me how you feel about maths. (Click on the link above)

It’s a multiple choice survey and each question has lots of different options. Please be sensible when you’re answering, you probably only need to choose 2-3 options for each question.
There are some questions where you have to type a response. Don’t worry about your spelling, but please consider your answer.

This is your chance to let me know your thoughts and feelings about maths anonymously. The teachers will use this information to guide us on what to teach you and how to teach you over this year.


Your Writing Folder

This year’s writer’s notebook is a little different than previous years. We are trailing the use of folder to keep all literacy ideas together. Your folder will include your brainstorming, plans, photos and clippings, special words and sayings, names, titles and special sentences. As we move through the year, your folder will also be a place for you to keep information on spelling, grammar and punctuation.

You must create 3 covers for the folder

Front: name, title grade and a collage of inspirational writing prompts (photos, book covers, magazine cut outs)

Spine: Name and Grade

Back: All about me collage – pictures of your family, pets, friends, favourite holiday etc

Your completed folder is due at school on Monday 8th February