Subtraction and Addition

As you know, sometime this week, we will be having an assessment of our knowledge of addition and subtraction. I strongly suspect that this will be happening on Friday, however it may be earlier.

It is in your very best interest to be practicing your addition and subtraction skills.

I have set tasks for you on Maths Online to access- if these are too tricky or too easy for you, you can choose another activity from Maths Online that better suits your ability.

You can also use Hit the Button (

You can access Maths is Fun (
This is just the menu page for Number, choose addition and subtraction and then read through the page- click on the links, try the activities and worksheets.

You can use the Maths Trainer

Read the tips and tricks pages.

You also have at your disposal any number of apps on your ipad. Choose the apps that are going to be at your level. If you are a clever clogs, you should not being doing addition to 10.

The more you practise, the more likely you will be successful when we have our assessment!


Good luck everyone!

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  1. Hi miss C,
    Just letting you know that I have posted my diary entry on my blog. If you could print it for me as I could not find your email and i am not going to be here today.
    Thanks Emily

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