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Hello Candidates

This Thursday, you will have from 9-12:30 to finalise your political party’s policies, advertising and funding ideas, social media page, logos, and slogans. From 12:30-12:45 you will be able to set up your campaign space, ready for the constituents to arrive and vote. The whole school will be voting, if they choose to.

On Thursday afternoon the successful party will be sworn in and will be allocated some time to decide how they would like to govern the grade 6s for the final day of school, within the law, of course. Remember, you will need to uphold your policies- nothing annoys the public more than a lying politician.

As Thursday is your campaign day, you will be able to come in a suitable uniform for your party. Remember that you are a professional and will need to be dressed as such. You may bring other items from home, such as fabric, toys, crafting materials etc as long as they are part of your political party’s logo, slogan etc.

The Magna Carta!/media/1907115/what-is-magna-carta!/media/2119020/magna-carta-legacies

After watching the BTN clip and researching the associated websites on the BTN page. Tells us in 100 words how you think the Magna Carta has help shaped politics in Australia via a comment below.