Investigating Migration in the news

Hi Everyone,

This afternoon you will be investigating migration in the news by reviewing some of the stories featured on BTN.

Click on the link below to visit BTN.

Once on the BTN site, use the search bar, in the top right hand corner to search for stories about migration. It looks like this: search

There are a number of different search words you could try:
migration, immigration, refugees, asylum seekers, culture, racism, Australians, population or your own words.

Once you have searched, you will need to check the title of the video segment and the bold text underneath to decide if it is appropriate to our topics of culture/migration/immigration.
Use the links on the right hand side of the video to find out more information. Read the comments on the video also.


Once you have watched a video you will need to:

1) Create a new post on your blog

2) Post a link to the video you watched on BTN and any other links you viewed that were associated to your video.

3) Write a summary of the video

4) Write about something that you learnt

5) Write about something that you are now thinking/wondering/questioning. 

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