Fractions Problem Solving

Below are a selection of websites with problem solving questions involving fractions.


mathwire fractions

NRICH Chocolate questions


You will need to fully record you responses to these questions- you can do this with words/sentences/paragraphs/drawings/diagrams- or anything else you can think of!

I am learning to use problem solving strategies to solve fractions problems.

I can explain/justify my answers using words or diagrams.


Operations with decimals and fractions


No, not that type of operation, Max….

This type of operation!

maths operations

Today, in Maths, you will be looking at fractions OR decimals and using the 4 mathematical operations, carefully following the steps to complete these types of problems.

As you complete each type of operation problem, I would like you to create a ‘cheat sheet’ or a hints and tips sheet on what are the most important steps to remember to ensure you get a correct answer. This could have written instructions, drawings, diagrams or examples of what not to do!


What websites could you use to help you out? Where could you get questions from that involve the operation or fractions or decimals???