A website to help you


The above website has some milestones that you may like to include for a baby- child. It ends at age 5. You may also like to brainstorm things that happened to you if you are stuck for ideas on what happens up to age 12-13.

Your timeline should be a reflection of the big milestones that occur across all areas of health- growth, education, social/emotional and personal.

More Milestones

This website has brief information all the way up to adult. Some of it may be tricky to understand, so you’re going to have to use a number of skills to understand what it’s talking about. Remember not to include information if you’re not sure what it means.

Prepare for boarding….

Good afternoon passengers in 6C,

This is your captain Miss C speaking, please prepare for learning by having your maths book out, your maths dictionary and some sharp coloured pencils.

Click on the picture below when you are ready to learn about Cartesian Planes.


LI: To investigate what a Cartesian plane is

SC: to play battleships using a Cartesian plane

The website says year 8, that’s just how clever I think you all are.

Please add the following words to your Maths Dictionary:

  • Cartesian Plane
  • X-Axis and Y-Axis
  • Coordinates
  • Origin

When looking at Cartesian Plane coordinates, which axis always comes first???

Once you have read through the webpage, come and collect a Cartesian Plane, to play a game of battleships. This is a partner game and this is where you will need your sharp coloured pencils.

Instructions (which I’m sure you can adjust to suit our game )can be found here:

Multiplication Blocks


Sorry, my iPad won’t let me create a proper link for you, but I’m sure you can copy and paste this website to get to the website.

This is a little bit like candy crush, you have to combine 2 or more numbers to create the product. I’m sure you will be able to quickly work out how to play!

More Role Models

This afternoon, you’re being asking to further investigate your role models. This time, you will choose your own 3 role models- 1 from your family (mum, dad, sister, brother, aunty, uncle, nan, pop etc.), 1 from the community (a sports coach, your neighbor, someone from your sports team or club, a scout leader, an every day person) and 1 celebrity ( singer, actor/actress, sports person).

The aim is for you to really, really think about the qualities or traits that make a positive role model, rather than just thinking of someone who is entertaining. I want you to think about the whole person- how do they face challenges or set backs, do they do great things in the community, do they stand up for others, do they just have really awesome manners, a awesome attitude etc. etc.

In your BIG green book, you need to complete a list, mind map, drawing, paragraph, convincing us that your 3 people are super positive role models.

We will investigate these role models tomorrow, where we will try to collate the traits and characteristics that make a great role model.

Of course, you don’t know your celebrity intimately, so you can research (after you have written down your search terms) to find out some more information that might convince you if they are a positive or negative role model.


You might like to start by looking here: 10 celeb role models for kdis

Or here: Qualities of a good role model

Or here: Essential qualities of role models