Prepare for boarding….

Good afternoon passengers in 6C,

This is your captain Miss C speaking, please prepare for learning by having your maths book out, your maths dictionary and some sharp coloured pencils.

Click on the picture below when you are ready to learn about Cartesian Planes.


LI: To investigate what a Cartesian plane is

SC: to play battleships using a Cartesian plane

The website says year 8, that’s just how clever I think you all are.

Please add the following words to your Maths Dictionary:

  • Cartesian Plane
  • X-Axis and Y-Axis
  • Coordinates
  • Origin

When looking at Cartesian Plane coordinates, which axis always comes first???

Once you have read through the webpage, come and collect a Cartesian Plane, to play a game of battleships. This is a partner game and this is where you will need your sharp coloured pencils.

Instructions (which I’m sure you can adjust to suit our game )can be found here:

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