Welcome to 6C 2017!


I am so excited to have you all in my grade this year- we’re going to have a fantastic time learning together. Grade 6 can be a little bit tough sometimes, but I’m confident that together, if we’re honest and hard working we can learn so many great things together. I’m really looking forward to getting stuck into some maths, exploring reading, strengthening our writing, experimenting with science, discovering history and building our independent and group work skills AND having some fun along the way. It’s such a busy year!

I’m really looking forward to these first few days together. I love watching how everyone in our class fits together and learning all of the things about you that make you so special, individual and unique.

Could you leave me a comment about something you did in the school holidays? This will help me get to know you guys a little better, give me something to help remember you and of course give us something to chat about!

Psssst- you’re in grade 6 now- you’re considered an ‘expert’ blogger. Please make sure that your comment reflects this!