Student Blogging Challenge




This is a picture link, click on the picture above to visit the Student Blogging Challenge website.

During independent reading, have a look at the page- click on the links, use the tabs, scroll through the posts.

After we have completed a summarising activity, we will practise taking Cornell notes again and have a go at answering these two questions:

“Why should we participate in a student’s blogging challenge?”

“How will participating in the challenge improve my skills as a cyber citizen?”

2 thoughts on “Student Blogging Challenge

  1. G’day 6C.
    I just tried to flip Chelsea’s avatar post to the student blogging challenge magazine. But it wasn’t allowed and this is usually due to site privacy on your ‘My Class’ setup. It needs to allow search engines.

    I will though, be adding great posts to the bottom of the next blogging challenge post, so look for a link there to Chelsea’s post.

    • Hi Miss W!
      What an honour for Chelsea! She was so proud to see her blog URL shared on your blog!
      I’ve adjusted our class settings to allow search engines so that any future work of ours can be added to the magazine.
      Thanks so much!
      Miss C.

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