Reflection about your Solar Boat experience

We will be able to follow a criteria.

We will be able to write an honest reflection.

I can ensure my book has the required elements to be successful.

I can use the 6 thinking hats and group pie graph to guide my reflection


6 Hats Reflection:

White/information/facts: If you were to do this project again, what information would you like to have before you begin?

Red/feelings: what emotions did you feel and why? Choose 3. What events contributed to these feelings?

Yellow/positives: What did you enjoy about Solar Boats, what were the great/fun/interesting things?

Black/negatives: What things did you find difficult/challenging about Solar Boats and why?

Green/changes: If you were to do Solar Boats again, what would you change? How would you like to prepare grade 5 students for Solar Boats?

Blue/ summaries/conclusions: This is a section for you to add your final thoughts about solar boats.


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