This is your life

This is your first chance to begin really researching about the famous Australian you have chosen to write your biography on.

We will understand that notes can be taking using a variety of formats.

We will understand the importance of recording sources as we take notes.

I can explain the style I have used to take notes about a famous Australian.

I can record any sources I use to take notes.

Jump onto Google Images and type in ‘Note Taking Styles’

You can see that note taking looks very different depending on how you want to take notes. It’s ok if it’s a little bit messy, as long as you can read it and make sense of what you have written.
What else do you notice about how note taking looks?

Why is it important to take notes when you are researching for a project?
What notes style will you use?

I will share with you 2 links that you might like to use to start your research:

Timeline of Australian History

Famous Australians

This is your life was a TV show from when I was very little, where a biography would be ‘told’ about a famous person, while they were a guest. They would have lots of guests come along to tell things about the person.

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