Political Party Platforms

As part of your political party project, you will need to have a space within your blog that describes what your 2 platforms for change are (proposed bill changes). The best way to do this is by creating a sibling page.

Step 1)
Create your political party PAGE

Step 2)
Create a second page for your platform. On the RHS, there is a box that says ‘Page Attributes’. This is just under where you click to post your page. Click on the drop down that says ‘Parent Page’ and select the page that is your Party Page.

You will now have a drop down menu for your political party platforms.

Some of you have been confused about how to write up your platforms/bill changes.

Check out these political websites:

Greens- Save the Reef

Labor Campaigns

Liberal- Our Plan

You can see that some of these are quite wordy and long- yours doesn’t have to be. About a paragraph is good. You will need to describe what you are going to change, why you think it should change and how you are suggesting this is paid for.

You should include lots of pictures, lots of punchy headlines (be clever- use alliteration, similes, metaphors, persuasive techniques, rhetorical questions etc), you can include glitter texts, videos, photos of your Political Party in/with the space you want to change, anything made on PicCollage to get your voters attention.

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