Reading to big kids

Hi folks,

This is an article written for Mums and Dads about how much big kids still love being read to. Have a read, Mums and Dads. 5C, you can read the article if you like. Just click on the picture to visit the article.

5C, what do you love most about being read to?

Mums and Dads, do you read aloud to your big kids?

My mum read Narnia and lots of the Famous Five books aloud to my brother and I until early high school. They’re some of my favourite memories.


When ‘thanks’ is not enough…

Hi All,

5C, this is probably a grown up post, but feel free to read along. Some of you may find the info-graphic on the linked website interesting.

When I was in high school, I was pretty lame at referencing my sources. Mainly because I was never specifically taught how to. And for the teachers, references were just a way that they could check is we had copied anything directly from the internet, rather than crediting sources.
At uni, things were a bit more intense, we all learnt the APA referencing system… or attempted to anyway.

Now with my own blog, I’ve been more than a little slack with my referencing of information and images. Why? Well, really, who would read my blog and bother to chase up a grade 5 teacher for copy right or plagiarism? And really, honestly, because I’m not sure how.

What sort of example does that leave for my students??? That I can’t be bothered learning? It certainly doesn’t say much about my integrity on the topic.
Well, after some researching, and viewing of videos and webpages and re-reading style guides, I’ve decided that I will try much harder to appropriately use and reference the work of others.
Kathleen Morris seems to be the holder of the Holy Grail when it comes to blogging and using technology in the classroom with students. I sifted through her blog Primary Tech and found this post: Creative Commons which she had written. It includes a very easy to understand photographic explaining copy right.

Kathleen Morris has also written a version of it which is suitable for students to use. You can find a copy of it here. I know what I would like to be showing my students next week!