Hey Guys

We’re about to embark on something pretty big, something that often most adults struggle to do. Goal setting.


First, let’s look here: SMART goals for kids

BUT, not just any old goals, SMART Goals. Let’s have a look at this sheet ——->>> SMART_Goal_Worksheet

We’re going to set goals for English, Maths and a personal goal. To decide on what your goal is going to be, you’ll need to do some reflecting. Ask yourself: what things am I good at? What things do I enjoy? What things am I confident about? These are the things you probably don’t need to set goals on.

Yep. This is where it gets tricky. Your goals should be on things that you don’t necessarily enjoy, that you aren’t that confident or comfortable working on, that you maybe aren’t so good at just yet. This is where you will see real growth and improvement.
It can be hard to decide, and it can feel really uncomfortable!

Once we have written our goals, we’ll post them onto our blogs. We’ll write a lil poem (don’t worry, I’ll help you out! It’s fun and easy!) and maybe add an image or link, so that we’re sure it’s a really quality blog post.

Here’s the poem instructions: Goals Poem

I’m really looking forward to seeing what areas you will be working on!