Who was the most influential person/people during the Eureka Stockade?

We will understand the influence of people/persons on the shaping of Australia as a nation.

I can answer skinny questions to inform my knowledge

I can create a video production including reasons to support my opinion.

This is a mini project about the Eureka Stockade, to help build your knowledge of this important event, so that you can have a stronger understanding before we go to camp and so that you can understand a bit more about how this event was a powerful move towards Federation.

There are 2 parts to this mini project- the first part we will start today. They are some ‘skinny’ questions.

1)When was the Eureka Stockade?

2)Where was the Eureka Stockade?

3)What was the Eureka Stockade? What happened there?

4)Describe what life was like for the miners- find a photo/painting

5)What does the Eureka Flag look like and what does it symbolise?

I would like you to answer these questions in your inquiry  project book.

The second part, which you can be thinking about is: Who was the most influential person/people during the Eureka Stockade?

You will create a video/EE production, answering the question, including images and voice over to answer the question.
One of the images must be of their inquiry project book, including the answers to the skinny questions.


You may like to use these resources to help you:

My Place Eureka Stockade

BTN Eureka Stockade

ABC Splash Eureka Stockade

Australia.gov Eureka Stocakde

Planning and drafting your letter

I can plan and draft a section of my letter.

I can include appropriate historical language to make my letter authentic.

I can use the 7 steps technique of show don’t tell.

I can collect a range of interesting and historical language to include in my letter.


Have a look at these website:



Ensure you are using a range of dictionaries and thesauri to collect a range of interesting words.

Brainstorm the 6 senses to ensure you are including this language in your letter.


Australian Gold Rush- Attributing a photo.

Gold diggings, Ararat, Victoria, by Edwin Stocqueler, 1854

Found on: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Australian_gold_rushes on 22/03/2017





The water trickles through the mud and sludge. The stench of stale bodies, sweat and wet earth fills the air. Gravel, stones and water slosh in pans and cradles. Picks hack at the mud and shale. The calls of miners ring out around the valley- Irish, English, Chinese, American accents mingle.

All are looking for the glint. The glint of the ever elusive gold.