Prepare for boarding….

Good afternoon passengers in 6C,

This is your captain Miss C speaking, please prepare for learning by having your maths book out, your maths dictionary and some sharp coloured pencils.

Click on the picture below when you are ready to learn about Cartesian Planes.


LI: To investigate what a Cartesian plane is

SC: to play battleships using a Cartesian plane

The website says year 8, that’s just how clever I think you all are.

Please add the following words to your Maths Dictionary:

  • Cartesian Plane
  • X-Axis and Y-Axis
  • Coordinates
  • Origin

When looking at Cartesian Plane coordinates, which axis always comes first???

Once you have read through the webpage, come and collect a Cartesian Plane, to play a game of battleships. This is a partner game and this is where you will need your sharp coloured pencils.

Instructions (which I’m sure you can adjust to suit our game )can be found here:

Multiplication Blocks

Sorry, my iPad won’t let me create a proper link for you, but I’m sure you can copy and paste this website to get to the website.

This is a little bit like candy crush, you have to combine 2 or more numbers to create the product. I’m sure you will be able to quickly work out how to play!

Looking at data

Hi All,

Here’s the data questions  that you will need to answer about your Me In A Minute data.
I’d like you to finish these this week if you didn’t finish them in class. They are not difficult questions to answer.


  1. Did you achieve your goals? Why/Why not?
  2. What do you notice about your data/graphs?
    Any very low/high results?
    Any big changes?
    Why did these changes/differences occur?
  3. Calculate the difference between data sets. How much did you improve by? Can you show this as percentage improvement?
  4. What variables impacted on your data?
  5. What new goals will you set? What strategies will you use to improve your scores?


Compass Rose



Construction, in geometric terms means to draw a shape very accurately and precisely using mathematical instruments.

The mathematical instruments you will need are:


Other equipment:
A sharp grey lead pencil
A sheet of white A4 paper
An eraser

Click on the Rose above for your instructions.

Some hints:
Read all of the instructions first.
Highlight any new or difficult words, or anything you don’t know the meaning of.
Draw using light pressure on your pencil.
Double check all measurements and calculations.


What did you find most difficult? What maths was involved. Leave me a comment!

Fractions Problem Solving

Below are a selection of websites with problem solving questions involving fractions.


mathwire fractions

NRICH Chocolate questions


You will need to fully record you responses to these questions- you can do this with words/sentences/paragraphs/drawings/diagrams- or anything else you can think of!

I am learning to use problem solving strategies to solve fractions problems.

I can explain/justify my answers using words or diagrams.


Operations with decimals and fractions


No, not that type of operation, Max….

This type of operation!

maths operations

Today, in Maths, you will be looking at fractions OR decimals and using the 4 mathematical operations, carefully following the steps to complete these types of problems.

As you complete each type of operation problem, I would like you to create a ‘cheat sheet’ or a hints and tips sheet on what are the most important steps to remember to ensure you get a correct answer. This could have written instructions, drawings, diagrams or examples of what not to do!


What websites could you use to help you out? Where could you get questions from that involve the operation or fractions or decimals???

Number Lines

Hi Everyone,

Bit of learning to get through today!

First, let’s look here:

khan academy

This is Khan Academy a fabulous free website that you can access. You can create an account at home with M+D and track your progress, a bit like maths online.

This link should take you to fractions and number lines. Have a look at some of the activities together, work your way through 2 of them.

We will then look at converting fractions to decimals with a task sheet and a calculator. Some of you will even know how to do this with an algorithm and piece of paper. Some of you will be very good at estimating too!

Then, we will have a look at Chicken Coop Fractions.

Chicken coop

Some maths homework!

Hi Everyone,

This week, I’d like you to investigate the app store and the internet to find some appropriate games, apps and information websites that you could use to help further your understanding of fractions, decimals and percentages.

When you find an appropriate website or app to use, post it as a comment below. You must include the name of the app or website, a rating out of 5 and why you gave it that rating. Was it fun, were the instructions clear, did you learn something new, have a light bulb moment, would you app or website be good for people who are struggling a little, or students who are a bit more confident.

We will use our comments to guide us on the types of apps and websites we can use during independent maths or warm up time.

I’m looking forward to seeing what apps and websites you can find.