My Holiday Photos

Hi Everyone,

While I was away, something amazing happened- you all became experts on digital footprints and how to protect them.

So, I was wondering, could you help me? (Y)

I would really like to share the rest of my holiday pictures with you and my family and friends, but I would like to do this in a way that will most protect my digital footprint.

Could you:
1) provide me with some tips on protecting my pictures
2) some clues on how to protect my identity
3) some information about how I can protect my integrity (remember, digital footprint safety is not just about protecting my personal information).

4) suggest 3 websites where I could safely share a large amount of images in an interesting way. Provide me with your review of each website. What are the pros and cons? You will need to consider privacy settings on the image sharing website or app and the personal information I need to provide before I can sign up, down load or use the app or website.


Post your information as a blog post on your blog.



St Ives

image image image image image


Hi everyone,

I’m staying at St Ives at the moment. A beautiful sea side town.

The top picture (sideways) is of the Men-an-Tol.

The next one is Lanyon Quoit.

Next is the Minack Theatre.

Then two of the St Ives harbour.

Can you find out about the rocks?

What’s so special about the theatre?

Do you know the St Ives riddle and answer?

Miss C


image image image image


Hi everyone.

This is a gorgeous place called Bath. Can you find out why it’s called Bath?

It’s just beautiful here, the buildings are massive, there’s the river Avon and lots of pretty gardens.

Hope you’re all being good 😉


image imageimage image


Hi guys!

Here we have: double decker busses, Trafslgar Square, Trafalgar Square lions, and red phone boxes. The planes and bombs below are displayed in the Imperial War Museum. image


And here’s an awesome Astin Martin on Oxford Street.

I’m here!!

Hello everyone!

This is just a very quick post to let you know I arrived safely in London after 2 very, very l   o   n   g flights.

I’m heading into London tomorrow, so I’ll take some photos to show you then.

Hope you have a wonderful first day with Mrs Adams.

Miss C