Thank You! - Glitter Graphics

A very big thank you to all of the parents, brothers, sisters, aunties, uncles, nans, pops and other family members or family friends who were able to attend our STEAM Day. It was so wonderful to see the students engaged with their task, talking with you, explaining, justifying, sharing ideas… We are very lucky to have a parent and friends community who are able to support our students.

Thanks for jumping in amongst the glitter, glue, craft sticks, paint, cardboard, sticky tape….! The grade 6s really appreciate you having some fun while learning with us.

Thank you also to the families who talked through the building project at home, helping to cement ideas, who bought art and craft supplies or who helped by just supporting and encouraging the kids.


Hey Guys

We’re about to embark on something pretty big, something that often most adults struggle to do. Goal setting.


First, let’s look here: SMART goals for kids

BUT, not just any old goals, SMART Goals. Let’s have a look at this sheet ——->>> SMART_Goal_Worksheet

We’re going to set goals for English, Maths and a personal goal. To decide on what your goal is going to be, you’ll need to do some reflecting. Ask yourself: what things am I good at? What things do I enjoy? What things am I confident about? These are the things you probably don’t need to set goals on.

Yep. This is where it gets tricky. Your goals should be on things that you don’t necessarily enjoy, that you aren’t that confident or comfortable working on, that you maybe aren’t so good at just yet. This is where you will see real growth and improvement.
It can be hard to decide, and it can feel really uncomfortable!

Once we have written our goals, we’ll post them onto our blogs. We’ll write a lil poem (don’t worry, I’ll help you out! It’s fun and easy!) and maybe add an image or link, so that we’re sure it’s a really quality blog post.

Here’s the poem instructions: Goals Poem

I’m really looking forward to seeing what areas you will be working on!



Thank you 5C

Today, 5C I was quite proud of you all. For people not in our class, I’d better explain why.

This morning I had yard duty. As I was walking around our beautiful school yards, I noticed something that made me quite upset. Our yard was covered in rubbish. There were packets, zip lock bags and glad wrap blowing around the oval and stuck in our gardens and on the footpaths.
And the part that made me really upset, was that no one was doing anything about it.
I decided to talk to my class about this problem.
And even though it probably wasn’t their rubbish, they came outside with me, and a wheelie bin, and we picked up all the rubbish we could from all around the school.

And we almost filled the wheelie bin.

And after that, I think we felt pretty proud. We had good feelings of pride, and respect and integrity after doing something great to make our school look a little bit better.

But there was a feeling rippling underneath. That even though we picked up all the rubbish and almost filled the bin, maybe that wasn’t a good thing. That maybe the rubbish in our yard was a bigger problem. That it does more than just make our yard look yucky. That maybe it’s actually damaging our planet.

Interesting Plastic facts

Plastic Pollution

Scary Plastic Bags

Plastic facts

But, we’re just one class of grade 5 kids. Surely we can’t do anything about it…. can we?

Do you think it’s a problem? Is there anything we can do about the rubbish in our yard? Do you think we should do something about it? Why or why not?

Immigration Excursion Prep!

Guess what 5C?

Tomorrow is our excursion to the Immigration Museum.
There are some important and interesting documents that you will need to ‘save’ somewhere on your iPad, as you will need them to complete some activities while we are in the city. You will find them below:

Melbourne Excursion


Your homework for tonight is to have a quick read through the documents, so you are prepared to use them tomorrow.

Biography Checklist

Heya everyone,

I know there are some of you who have really knuckled down and are almost finished your written biography. That’s fantastic news! I’m hoping that most people should be ready to share their written biography with me by Tuesday 9th June, with people presenting their engaging migrant presentations from 9th-12th of June. There is not really any reason why you wouldn’t be able to hand everything in by the 12th of June.

To help you make sure that you are including everything you need in your written biography I have whipped up this checklist for you to use.
You don’t have to only use the checklist when you have finished, you can use it as you write to help keep you on track with what you still need to include.

When you have finished, I would like you to include a copy of the checklist, so that I can see how you ‘rated’ your own work.

So, here’s the checklist:
My Written Migrant Biography Checklist

Engaging Migrant Biography Presentation Ideas

Hey hey everyone!

Over the weekend, you might like to start thinking about how you are going to creatively and engagingly share your migrant’s story with the class.
We’ve spoken about the fact that watching 23 Explain Everythings or 23 iMovies isn’t going to be very interesting or engaging, so here are some ideas on different ways you can share your migrant and their story.

You could try:

  • A diorama
  • A set of art works showing different stages of your migrants journey
  • A set of poems describing your migrants journey
    Different types of poetry can be found here:
  • A puppet show
  • A play, dance or song- you could use garage band to create music that matches each stage of your migrants journey
  • An interview of your migrant
  • A prezi
  • A cartoon strip
  • A collage
  • A lift the flap poster with questions and answers and images about your migrant
  • A persuasive piece to convince us that your migrant should be allowed into Australia (good for modern migrants)
  • A mobile showing small pictures and words that share your migrants story
  • A large map or time line
  • A thinglink
  • A diary or journal of your migrant
  • A series of letters from your migrant to their family
  • An artifacts box with things that may have belonged to your migrant

Think about how you can use your crafty mind to create something really interesting to capture our grade’s imagination!

How can you use boxes, paper, fabric, pens, paper, apps on your iPad in a different way, your body, words, imagination.

I am happy to bring things that you might need, like some fabric for example, but other things you will need to collect from home.

Once you are over half way through your written biography, you can start working on your presentation. As you can judge from the list of ideas, these presentations are going to take quite a bit of work, so you’re going to need to do some homework to ensure you finish on time!

I’m so excited to see what you create! What are you thinking of doing?

Miss C.

Choose your own project- Migration

Hi again everyone,

We’ve reached that time in our Migration investigation where we need to start talking about an assessment project!

Thanks to

Thanks to

I just knew you’d be as excited as these guys!

So here is your task:
From all the lands on Earth we come

Let’s read through it and make sure everyone is clear on the task.
You are not expected to start the task right away- you will need to research first. We will have 3 sessions this week for you to research, discuss, ask questions and start finding things out. By Friday, I will expect you all to know which period of history you will be investigating and have an idea about who you will be researching.

Let’s start researching. You may find the following websites helpful in your researching:

Melbourne Museum

The Age Migrant Stories

Can you find any other helpful websites? What might you search for? What would be a good place to start looking for information? Where is a good place to record any interesting information you find or any questions or ideas you have?

Miss C


Wellness Presentation


I know lots of you are working on your wellness presentations at home, so I thought I would share our brainstorm on the board with you all.


Remember that your presentation can be in any form you like: an Explain Everything file, a song, a poem, a story, a dance, a poster or series of drawings, an iMovie, or a dance.

On the right hand side of the board, is the list of things that you need to be able to show in your presentation.

I’d like to see finished presentations by Wednesday next week. That’s the 25th of March!