Skinny vs. Fat

Hi Guys,

Your fact sheets are looking terrific- engaging, interesting to read, short snippets of to the point information- well done!

The next part we need to do, is to create 2 questions for a reader to investigate. We want nice, fat, juicy, delicious questions! So what’s the difference between a skinny question and a fat question? I’m so glad you asked!

Fat questions require an answer that needs a little investigating, a far bit of thought, and there may be more than one correct answer.

Skinny questions are questions that may have a yes/no or true/false answer. Their answers can be found very quickly and easily within the text. They often don’t require much thinking or any further investigating.

Fat and skinny questions both have an important place in reading and writing, but for this activity, I’d like you to write 2 fat questions. 

So how do you write a fat question? What should a fat question start with?

Let’s have a look HERE



These websites have some great questions starters for you to use. It may take you a couple of goes to get some really juicy fat questions and you might have to share you questions with a few people to test if they are truly fat questions.