Kathryn Apel


Today we are extra lucky, as we are receiving a visit from Kathryn Apel.
She is an author who has published many novels and picture story books.
Kathryn writes a lot with poetry, these sorts of novels are called verse novels.

If you click on the picture, it will take you to Kathryn’s website where you can read a little more of each of her books, read some reviews and find out more about poetry.

I know that lots of you are reading or have enjoyed reading books that are written in verse, this could be a new place to find some more                                                                                        reading material!

Student Blogging Challenge




This is a picture link, click on the picture above to visit the Student Blogging Challenge website.

During independent reading, have a look at the page- click on the links, use the tabs, scroll through the posts.

After we have completed a summarising activity, we will practise taking Cornell notes again and have a go at answering these two questions:

“Why should we participate in a student’s blogging challenge?”

“How will participating in the challenge improve my skills as a cyber citizen?”

Technology Use Messes With Sleep

Technology Use Messes With Sleep

Here is another article about technology use interrupting our sleep patterns.

We will Jig Saw read again. In groups of 3, choose what section you are going to read. As you read, you need to focus on Close Reading and taking notes. It will be your responsibility to explain to your group the section that you have read.

We will review our anchor charts about close reading and taking notes before we begin.

After you have read, you will need your Author book. Divide your page into 2 sections. We will write a persuasive article in the coming days about sleep and technology. With your trio, brainstorm ideas and arguments FOR and AGAINST technology use before bed.

Sleep and artificial light

Artificial Light and Sleep Disorders

Here is an article about artificial light and sleep disorders- since you were all so surprised by how artificial light impacts on your sleep!

We will Jig Saw Read.

You will need to be in groups of 3.
The article is in 3 paragraphs, choose a paragraph to read each.
As you read, you will need to be close reading and taking notes.

What does this mean? How do you do it? Why is it important?

Let’s have a look!

Australian Authors

Hi Everyone,

Today we will create a display for book week to decorate the area around our doors/windows.

The theme for book week is ‘Australia!- Story Country’.

You can read more HERE.

We will take some pictures of you, your favourite book (or a really, really good Aussie book you’ve enjoyed), edit it up, create a display/background, write a paragraph or a bit of a blurb/bio about your book and display them on our door.

Here are some great Australian authors and classic titles I’m sure you would have enjoyed! Aussie Authors

Hopefully this will make a great display for one of our doors! My other idea is to create a lot of Australian bits and pieces and use them to decorate our other door in the theme of ‘My Country’ by Dorothy Mackellar. We’ll see how we travel today as to whether we get to creating this door.

I’m looking forward to seeing what your book choices are!