Reflecting- What’s the big deal?

I understand the purpose of reflection.

I can describe the process of reflecting.

I can complete a Frayer Model about reflecting.


Reflecting. A topic, piece of writing or conversation that often involves lots of groans and eye rolls from my kids.



It’s such an important thing to be able to do, and if you can master the skill of reflecting with purpose and effort, it’s a skill that can greatly enhance your learning and understanding.


There are a few things you will need to do.

  1. Draw a Frayer Model into your Writing Scrapbook (bigger pages, no lines to get in the way)
  2. Read this link Reflecting
  3. Fill in the areas of the Frayer Model with your own information.


After that, I’d like you to answer these questions, it’s up to you how you answer and display them (it must be able to go on your blog). You’ll need to choose an efficient way to record your answers.

What is reflecting?

Why do we do it?

How do we do it? What tools can we use to reflect?

How can it help your learning?

You won’t find these answers in the link- you’ll need to think about them for yourself!

Reflection about your Solar Boat experience

We will be able to follow a criteria.

We will be able to write an honest reflection.

I can ensure my book has the required elements to be successful.

I can use the 6 thinking hats and group pie graph to guide my reflection


6 Hats Reflection:

White/information/facts: If you were to do this project again, what information would you like to have before you begin?

Red/feelings: what emotions did you feel and why? Choose 3. What events contributed to these feelings?

Yellow/positives: What did you enjoy about Solar Boats, what were the great/fun/interesting things?

Black/negatives: What things did you find difficult/challenging about Solar Boats and why?

Green/changes: If you were to do Solar Boats again, what would you change? How would you like to prepare grade 5 students for Solar Boats?

Blue/ summaries/conclusions: This is a section for you to add your final thoughts about solar boats.


More Role Models

This afternoon, you’re being asking to further investigate your role models. This time, you will choose your own 3 role models- 1 from your family (mum, dad, sister, brother, aunty, uncle, nan, pop etc.), 1 from the community (a sports coach, your neighbor, someone from your sports team or club, a scout leader, an every day person) and 1 celebrity ( singer, actor/actress, sports person).

The aim is for you to really, really think about the qualities or traits that make a positive role model, rather than just thinking of someone who is entertaining. I want you to think about the whole person- how do they face challenges or set backs, do they do great things in the community, do they stand up for others, do they just have really awesome manners, a awesome attitude etc. etc.

In your BIG green book, you need to complete a list, mind map, drawing, paragraph, convincing us that your 3 people are super positive role models.

We will investigate these role models tomorrow, where we will try to collate the traits and characteristics that make a great role model.

Of course, you don’t know your celebrity intimately, so you can research (after you have written down your search terms) to find out some more information that might convince you if they are a positive or negative role model.


You might like to start by looking here: 10 celeb role models for kdis

Or here: Qualities of a good role model

Or here: Essential qualities of role models

Some ‘new’ reflection sentence starters

Hi Folks,

You may vaguely remember using these reflection prompts with me at the end of last year, when we had our final step up session… Or not. It was a while ago!

I’m posting them here for you, so you can use them in your Solar Boat Race Day reflection. If you look carefully, the statements nearly match with the different hats!

Reflection prompts

I will also add them to the reflecting page on my blog, so you can access them easily from there too!

Did having these sentence starters make it easier for you to write your reflection?


Also, I’m adding these reflection statements too!

40 reflection statements

Multiple Intelligences

Hi Everyone,

This term, and for the remainder of the year, you will be given a number of opportunities to work independently. A good example of you working independently is when we are doing independent maths.

Did you know that people learn in lots of different ways? Your learning style should guide you a little in what sort of activities you could be doing during independent maths.

We’re going to discover what learning style you all are. You may be surprised by your results!

Click on the link to open the MI test 🙂


Once you have completed your test, post the access code in the comments for me to print your results. Make sure you are logged in, so you comment has your name on it!!

This week’s reading post

Hi 5C,

This week, we have done mostly class activities in reading, and other than this morning, we haven’t had any dedicated time to work on activities to meet our reading goals.

I can hear you all now: “But Miss C, what are we meant to write a blog post about?”

Well 5C, I’m glad you asked. There are still many, many things you can post about.

You can post about how you have been working towards your goal in independent reading, what you have been recording, a book review, a paragraph or two explaining or describing your book, you can write a post about what you love about reading or what you don’t love so much about reading giving me lots of reasons, you can post about your favourite book ever, you idea of a perfect book, a post about whether the book or the movie is better, the first book you remember reading, about your favourite author and why they are your favourite, you could even write me a poem about reading.

So you see, there are still plenty of things for you to write a blog post about!

I’m looking forward to seeing what creative things you can tell me about your reading.