Thank You! - Glitter Graphics

A very big thank you to all of the parents, brothers, sisters, aunties, uncles, nans, pops and other family members or family friends who were able to attend our STEAM Day. It was so wonderful to see the students engaged with their task, talking with you, explaining, justifying, sharing ideas… We are very lucky to have a parent and friends community who are able to support our students.

Thanks for jumping in amongst the glitter, glue, craft sticks, paint, cardboard, sticky tape….! The grade 6s really appreciate you having some fun while learning with us.

Thank you also to the families who talked through the building project at home, helping to cement ideas, who bought art and craft supplies or who helped by just supporting and encouraging the kids.

Design, Create, EVALUATE!

3D Object – Design, Construct and evaluate

Within your presentation include:

  1. The name of your 3D object
  2.  Why is the object significant to your culture?
  3. Why did you choose this object over everything else in your culture?

Photos of the design, real image and construction side by side as a comparison

Present the answer to these questions as a part of your presentation also.

  1. What issues did you have when designing and constructing? (group work, measuring, scale drawing, materials)
  2. Did you complete the task in the set time? Did making the step by step goals/instructions help with keeping on track?
  3. Did you stick you to your plan? How do you know?
  4. What are the final measurements of your 3D model? (use Bosch job app to show measurements) Did you measure whilst you were building?
  5. Did you use materials not on your list? Why/why not?
  6. If you were to do the project again what would you do differently? Why?

Welcome to STEAM Day

Building day is here!

Here’s what will happen today:

  1. Independent reading (we’ve already done this, I know you love FRF!)
  2. 15 mins to review your plan, organise with your partner who has bought what, who will do what during the day, discuss whose parents (if any) are attending and what times, reviwing how you will work as a successful team
  3. Convo with the other 6s about protocols for the day, using resources and tools and cleaning up as you go
  4. Setting up your working space, ensuring it is safe and that you have all resources at your table
  5. Preparing your base- 20 by 20 cm base must be prepared before recess time
  6. If time allows, you will begin working on the 5 minute presentation on why you chose this object/building/artwork/statue to represent your country and culture
  7. After recess, you will begin building straight away. You will have the full 2 hours to build/construct/redesign if needed
  8. You will need to continually take photos and videos of what you are building and how you are working together as a team
  9. As you are working, you will need to take notes on what’s working, what’s not and why. This will be VERY important as we follow the design and technology cycle.