My Avatar

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This is my avatar! Do you think it looks like me? Haha, maybe not quite.

So, why did I choose feathers in my hair, wings, an underwater scene?

My shirt is purple, it’s my favourite colour.
A black skirt matches with nearly everything.
A pony tail for my hair is relaxed and fuss free.
Purple converse, I just wish I had a pair!
Feathers in my hair to represent my love for birds and our native wildlife.
The wings show that I would love to fly and that I love the beautiful, little things in life.
An underwater scene represents my favourite memory- snorkeling off the QLD coast with colourful fish and turtles.
And my happy smile to top it all off!

Australian Gold Rush- Attributing a photo.

Gold diggings, Ararat, Victoria, by Edwin Stocqueler, 1854

Found on: on 22/03/2017





The water trickles through the mud and sludge. The stench of stale bodies, sweat and wet earth fills the air. Gravel, stones and water slosh in pans and cradles. Picks hack at the mud and shale. The calls of miners ring out around the valley- Irish, English, Chinese, American accents mingle.

All are looking for the glint. The glint of the ever elusive gold.

Blog Comment Guidelines

Today we will be talking about, brainstorming, investigating blog comments.


We will understand what makes a quality blog comment.
I can explain how to leave a quality blog comment.  

This will involve you researching on the internet, looking back through your own blog and other student blogs. What do you see that you  like? What don’t you like? Why? What sort of comments would you like to leave and what sort of comments do you want people to leave for you?

Here are some links for you to consider:

Gifts from Crows

Hi my little finches,

Here’s an article I thought I would share with you, for you to practise leaving quality comments on.

I saw this article over the weekend, and it really grabbed my interest; gifts from crows, as if! What was your first impression? Have you ever had an animal leave you a gift? My old cat used to bring me dead mice- ick!


Once you’ve read the article, leave me a quality comment.

Miss C.