We will understand the key people and events that lead to Australia’s Federation

I can explain the meanings of key words

I can use Cornell Notes to gather key information

I can create a brief timeline of people and events that lead to Federation

My timeline includes a date, an image/s and at least 3 sentences to describe the event.

BTN Federation-zd9jph  Please save a copy of this PDF as we will be referring to it as we learn about Federation.

What do you know?

We’re going to start having a look at the lead up to Federation, the actual event of Federation and then how Australia developed a ‘national identity’. But before we get too far into looking at this, you will need to do a good old bit of collecting what you already know for me….

It’s up to you how you choose to collect this information and present it to me. You could draw, write, make a quick video (nothing too fancy, mind you!), use book creator, Pic Collage or EE. You’ll need to keep what ever you create relatively short, as you will need to post what you create on your blog.

You must answer the questions below. Please put a little thought into your answers, spend some time thinking about each one. Some of them are simple one word or short sentence answers, others will require a longer response. Some you won’t know very much about yet, but I’m sure you would be able to have a guess.


Before Federation, Australia was divided into 6 separate……………………………..


Which other country might have been part of Australia?


Who was Henry Parkes?


Why were the initial attempts to become a Federation rejected?


What role did Alfred Deakin play in becoming a Federation?


In what year did Australia become a nation?


Who was Australia’s first Prime Minister?


How did Federation impact on Indigenous people and Chinese migrants?


What do you know about the Eureka Stockade?


What were some big events that have happened between 1901 and 1960?


Who were some important people between 1901 and 1960?

All About Camp



A few things we’ll chat about today- and yes you guessed it, it will be about camp!

We’ll have a look at a short video, cruise around the Sovereign Hill Costume School webpage and then we can have a play of the Gold Game above. I have some of the letters to Sir from this year too that I can share with you.

Lots of reading of webpages, lots of navigating webpages, lots of viewing and responding, lots of speaking, questioning and listening- all very, very very important parts of being a grade 6 student.

free glitter text and family website at FamilyLobby.com




free glitter text and family website at FamilyLobby.com