Hi Kidlets

This term, our You Can Do It focus is on Persistence.
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But what is persistence? What does it mean? Where do you get it from? What happens if you don’t have persistence?

I’d like you to write a blog post about what Persistence means to you. You’re all amazing bloggers, so you should be able to stretch at least 3 paragraphs about persistence for your blog post.

You could consider:

  • including a definition of persistence
  • what does it mean to you
  • when do you use persistence
  • how do you feel when you are being persistent
  • times at school and outside of school
  • whether you think persistence is an important life skill and why

Being an excellent blogger, you know to use your author’s voice and your fantastic 7 steps writing skills to engage your reader. You also know that an excellent blogger uses visuals (pictures) and interesting relevant links for their reader to explore.

Once you have written your blog post, I’d like you to have a look at these lyrics (click on Shannon to go to the lyrics website)

Thanks to the Condobolin Argus for this picture.

Thanks to the Condobolin Argus for this picture.

I trust that you are familiar with these lyrics and have heard this song before? It’s an easy tune to sing a long to- and just as well! In 2 weeks (Nov 27th), we’ll be singing this song with the other grade 5 students at assembly!

We’ll need someone to give a bit of an explanation about why we have chosen this song to sing. What do you think? Why did we choose this song? What message does it send? Is it about persistence?