Fantastic Free Reading Fridays!

We’ve started Fantastic Free Reading Fridays.

We looked at some of the reasons why we might participate in FFRF.

  • It gives us a chance to read a broad range of items- often these are digital items. It also includes magazines, newspapers and different genres of books.
  • Good readers vary their reading diet. Good readers know and understand how to read fiction, nonfiction, websites, online books, biographies, magazines, newspapers, poetry etc.
  • Reading digital texts gives us the opportunity to read 21st century texts.
  • It also allows us opportunities to practise using our iPads effectively and responsibly.

After our first session of FFRF, we decided that while we LOVED it, because there was such a HUGE range of things to choose from, it was also a little bit difficult to find something GOOD to read. Cue great discussion around quantity vs quality. One of the dreaded problems with the internet.

So. Here is a page with some websites that could be read during FRF.

Please be aware that some of these websites need a user name and password to be able to access all content. Have a chat with Mum or Dad if you want to use a site that requires this. As far as I know, all of the content is free (other than subscriptions to the magazines) and they only need an email and user name to register your use or to save your reading.

Some of the websites have videos that run through YouTube- you won’t be able to access these at school. Make sure you check with Mum or Dad if you want to watch them at home.

Please note that these websites are not owned by me and I cannot monitor their content at all times. Part of your accessing the internet and using your iPads involves you choosing appropriate content to read or view and bypassing the things that you know are not appropriate, or that make you feel a bit funny.

As always, if you have any suggestions if webpages that you would like added, let me know with a comment!

nat geo   

dog NatGeo guinnesswonderopolis terry denton MGcomics kids book review Herald Sun

fact monsterbrain pop

9 planets

total girl    cool aus

the stacks      

list 25   disasterium   


horses      goodreads     HH      weird oz       





13 thoughts on “Fantastic Free Reading Fridays!

  1. Hello Miss C,

    I love doing free reading Fridays it just makes my favourite day of the week even better I really like reading online because there are so many different types of pieces you can read but book are still the best you can uses the five senses when reading a book I guess.
    Bye From EMILY ;]

  2. Hi Miss C,
    Over the weekend I’ve been reading the website links that you put on.
    I’ve also been reading aloud to my mum to achieve my reading goal.

    From Jasmine

    • Hi Jas,
      Wow, you’ve been pretty busy. What reading links did you like the best? Have you found any of your own websites that you would like me to add to the Free Reading Friday page?
      Great job reading aloud to your Mum, I bet she really loves hearing you read. How do you feel you’re progressing with your reading goal?
      Miss C.

      • Hi Miss C,
        I was reading a bit of everything, and I found most of the texts really interesting 😉
        I was also reading a website called canterwood crest and I know a few people in our class are reading the books. 🙂
        And I feel really good about my reading goal.

        From Jasmine

  3. Hi Miss C
    I was just looking at the Guinness World Record website and I went on to the human body parts. Get this, I found out that the longest tongue in the world is 10.1cm long. Then I wondered if he was born like that and if he was, was it annoying growing up like that with the longest tongue? Anyway I love Free Reading Friday’s because Im not really a person who likes non fiction. But this gives me a chance to read as much non fiction as I want. I didn’t know that there were so many non fiction texts in the world. Also good and interesting texts.
    Regards Grace

    • Hi Grace,
      That’s a bit gross… I wonder if they can touch their nose with their tongue? I can imagine it must be quite annoying, it might get tongue tied a bit more easily!
      I’m so glad you’re enjoying Free Reading Fridays, it is a great opportunity to read some digital texts and to read some non fiction texts.
      Do you have a non fiction website that you’d like to add to our page?
      Miss C.

    • Hi Isa,
      Fantastic! Did you find out why it is pink? Do you come out pink if you swim in it? I wonder if the fish are pink too?
      Miss C

  4. Hi Miss C,
    I really enjoy Free Reading Fridays because we learn how to use our netbooks efficiently as Hunter said and that we get to read things like websites and blogs rather than just books! The websites I read the the most are Total Girl and National Geographic. I read these websites because they are very interesting. I also enjoy this website> What’s your favourite website?
    Please let me know!

    • Hi Miss C and Hailee,
      Free reading Friday is a great way to explore the internet just instead of books.
      My favourite website is…
      and theres a few others too but there’s some more you can check out on my blog…
      Let us know in the comments what website YOU like….?

  5. konnichiwa Miss C
    I love free reading Friday because we get to look all around the internet to read so many genre like anima, fiction ect. I usually read kzone because it updates, hilarious books to read and quiz.
    From DJ Cat

  6. Hi Miss C,
    I really enjoy Free Reading Fridays because it is awesome to be able to read websites and blogs instead of books.
    It was a great idea!

  7. Hi Miss C,
    You have a great list of website nobody can say they don’t know what to read. There’s stuff for everybody! It is good for using netbooks efficiently (NO GAMES) !

    What’s your favourite website?
    enjoy FFR Friday!!
    From Hunter

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