Maths Stuff

A great website to help build your maths fluency and familiarity with the language of maths.

Maths Dic


A website with lots of games sorted by category and year level.



And you all know this one!! Cool Maths!!!





Here’s a new one, games, activities, definitions, covers all areas of maths.

maths is fun


2 thoughts on “Maths Stuff

  1. Hi Bella,
    You must have missed the instruction about posting this under ‘Thursday 27th Maths’ Make sure you copy and paste this comment across to the right place!
    Miss C.

  2. Hi Miss C
    I found investigate in numbers, data and space it is fantastic but make sure you read the instructions properly it can get hard. It has no ads, has a nice font size and if you read the instructions first it is perfect for our year level.

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