Passive Energy Houses

Here are some websites to help you with beginning your research for your passive energy houses.

your home

passive house

4 thoughts on “Passive Energy Houses

  1. Hi Miss C,
    Do we have to post a page or post on our blog?(about passive energy houses). Also these websites have helped so much I really understand it a lot more now. They have been very descriptive and have diagrams you can understand. I have really enjoyed the whole process of passive energy houses.
    What is your favourite part of the project so far?
    Be Safe

    • Hi Ti,
      You need a passive energy houses page on your blog, so far. During the week (maybe on Thursday or Friday, depending on how we go), we will put a post up about our houses.
      My favourite part of the project has been watching all of you work together as a team and seeing how you have worked together to overcome troubles.
      I’m very proud of everyone!
      Miss C

  2. Dear Miss C
    Frances appears to be very interested in this project and it has generate some good discussions.

    • Hello,
      I’m so glad that Frances has been chatting to you about our houses, we’re all very excited to get started on them. Hopefully there will be some photos to share soon.
      Thanks for commenting,
      Miss C.

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